Breast Lift in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Learn More About What a Mastopexy Can Do

If you're like many women, you feel that gravity is working against you. Due to aging, pregnancy, breast feeding, or significant weight loss, your breasts may lose volume and sag. Plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra performs breast lift, or mastopexy, to help Michigan women reshape and elevate existing breast tissue. Women often choose to get a breast lift in Jackson and Ann Arbor, Michigan, to restore their youthful chest contours and give their breasts a youthful, perkier appearance.

A breast lift may involve any number of elements that make up the surgery, including tightening the breasts themselves, lifting the breasts higher on the chest, and repositioning the nipple and areola to create a profile with greater projection. Some women may desire a change for both of their breasts, while others may be seeking to correct an asymmetry that's been present since their breasts developed or that became increasingly apparent over time.

If you would like to learn more about a breast lift in Michigan performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra, request a consultation, or call our Jackson office at (517) 789-9800 or our Ann Arbor office at (734) 913-5100. Our team is committed to "beauty revealed," seeing his patients for who they are and who they can be.

Selecting Your Surgeon for a Breast Lift

  • Your surgeon should offer vertical breast-lifting techniques. Some patients might not be candidates, but typically greater than 90 percent of our patients can eliminate the older anchortype incisions.
  • Most patients can have an implant and breast lift together; however, if your surgeon is concerned about blood supply, he or she may suggest a two-stage procedure. Many of our patients feel frustrated because they receive conflicting information from different surgeons regarding this issue.
  • An implant alone can lift the breasts significantly, or minimize how large or how many other breast incisions you would need.
  • Dr. Malhotra fills the breast tissue with long-acting anesthetic before surgery is performed. This takes extra time, but in our experience, it can dramatically reduce the need for pain medication following breast lift surgery at our Michigan practice.
  • Talk to your surgeon about potential changes in nipple sensation. We use a double pedicle technique so the breast tissue has better blood and nerve supply, preserving greater nipple sensation.

Benefits of a Breast Lift

A breast lift, technically called mastopexy, in our Michigan practice may significantly increase your selfimage and self-confidence. Common benefits of this procedure include the following:

  • Elevate sagging breasts
  • Raise and reduce the size of the nipples/areolas
  • Tighten breasts that have lost volume
  • Make asymmetrical breasts symmetrical

What Causes Breasts to Sag?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding commonly cause a woman's breasts to grow larger as they swell with milk ducts and fat. Women may gain a pound and a half in each breast alone. The new glands and tissue give gravity more to pull downward, so even once-perky breasts can begin to droop. After the milk ducts recede, the skin that stretched to accommodate the extra volume might not return to its original form and shape. Loose skin with little internal support naturally sags, leading women to consider a breast lift.

Similarly, weight fluctuations can cause the same problems, since an increase in fat in the breasts can cause the skin to grow along with it. If and when the extra pounds go away, that skin might stay stretched out, unable to effectively hold the breasts up.

Even if you've never been pregnant or lost a significant amount of weight, you may want a breast lift to counter the cumulative effects of time and gravity. As we get older, our skin increasingly loses components that allow it to stay firm and supportive. A breakdown of beneficial chemicals leads to laxity, when can lead to drooping, especially in larger breasts. Hormone shifts contribute to this as well.

Finally, heredity also plays a role in what leads women to assess their own silhouette and decide on a breast lift. Genetics may dictate that since the women who came before you developed breasts that sagged over time, you will, too.

Insider Tips About Breast Lift: Cost, Techniques, and Options

  • Ask about vertical breast-lifting techniques. This type of lift does not use the incision in the breast fold, which often can be visible.
  • Many women combine breast lift with breast augmentation in Michigan. The easiest way to determine whether you also need an implant is to ask yourself whether you are satisfied with your breast volume in a good push-up bra. If so, a breast lift may be sufficient to reshape your breasts. Talk to your surgeon about breast lift cost, which may be reduced if combined with another procedure.
  • Dual-plane breast augmentation can lift your breasts a few centimeters, avoiding breast lift scars.
  • For an improved appearance to your breast, ask about liposuction on the tail of the breast that falls back into the armpit area.
  • Talk to your surgeon about nipple size. Newer techniques involve using a GORE-TEX® Suture to set nipple size.

Best Candidates for Breast Lift in Michigan

The best candidates for a breast lift include women from Michigan or elsewhere who have good skin elasticity and would like to reshape and elevate existing breast tissue. Women who are most satisfied following their breast lift have viewed before and after photos, attended their consultation fully prepared with questions, and formed realistic expectations and goals about the procedure. Women who are planning on becoming pregnant or losing a significant amount of weight should wait to have the procedure, due to the changes that can occur to the breasts.

The General Breast Lift Procedure

Dr. Malhotra begins every surgical procedure with the administration of an anesthetic to reduce sensation for the patient. He can explain more about the specific sedatives used at your consultation.

For many of our breast lift patients in Michigan, Dr. Malhotra creates an incision around the nipple, and sometimes from the nipple to the breast fold as well. This is often called a "lollipop" incision. He typically does not need to use an incision under the breast fold and can achieve satisfying results with the vertical technique alone.

Through this incision, he will remove and reposition tissue as necessary, reshaping the contours to give them a more youthful look. If the areola is overly large, he can reduce it in size. He can also move the areola and nipple to a higher position on the breast mound so it points upward and outward instead of down.

Dr. Malhotra will also remove excess skin as necessary during a breast lift surgery, leaving enough to hold the newly contoured breast in its higher, more prominent position.

With everything properly in place, he will carefully close the incisions to minimize scarring and keep any resulting lines as unobtrusive as possible. Incisions made around the nipple are naturally camouflaged by the difference in color between the areola and the surrounding skin.

Some or all of these steps can be performed on one or both breasts if needed to assure symmetry.

A breast lift at our Michigan practice can be combined with a breast augmentation to create fuller looking breasts. If you choose to do this, Dr. Malhotra places your silicone implant over or under the muscle, depending on your needs, which lifts the breasts considerably.

Note that while a breast lift may involve the removal of skin that bears stretch marks, the surgery is intended to impact the position of the breasts, not the condition of the skin itself. Women who want to explore their options related to their breast skin texture, tone, and coloration should talk to Dr. Malhotra about his recommendations.

Breast Lift Recovery Process

Breast lift results are immediately apparent, given that the breasts will be obviously physically higher on the chest. Still, you will need to take some down time to recover from the surgery.

Time off from work varies from five to nine days depending on the extent of the procedure. Once the bandages are removed, patients will need to wear a specialized surgical bra for several weeks. Women who combine this procedure with another body contouring surgery such as a tummy tuck may require additional downtime. Breast lift before and aftercare as well as other details will be fully explained during your consultation with Dr. Malhotra. You will also receive recovery instructions after your surgery, and the Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery team is available to answer questions as they arise, both before and after the procedure.

What Does a Breast Lift Cost?

Some breast lift surgeries involve only minor changes to one breast, while others involve larger alterations made to both. Because each breast lift is unique, cost and other elements that depend on the specific nature of an individual's procedure are best discussed at the consultation.

Options Beyond a Breast Lift

As noted above, a breast lift is just one option for women who are unhappy with the way their breasts look. The surgery specifically addresses drooping breasts and downward-pointing nipples, so patients who want to change other aspects of their breasts, such as the size, should consider other procedures.

A breast augmentation, performed with or without a lift, adds volume to the breast with the insertion of an implant, making the breasts appear larger. Depending on the implants used and other factors, this procedure can also alter one or both breasts' shape.

In some cases, women with overly large breasts may seek a reduction, which can help clothes to fit better, as well as ease neck and back discomfort caused by the weight on their chest constantly pulling them forward. Breast reduction is also a popular option for men who have developed breasts—a condition known as gynecomastia.

Women who choose a breast lift to tighten tissue that sagged after a pregnancy or massive weight loss may also want to consider lifting procedures for other areas of their body experiencing the same problem. A tummy tuck accomplishes a similar effect by eliminating small amounts of stubborn fat, pulling loose skin tight to reveal flatter contours, eliminating the excess, and suturing everything in place to produce a new, sleeker profile. A facelift, too, can eliminate drooping tissue to give the patient more youthful contours. As with other lifts, lax skin is pulled up, redundant skin is trimmed away, and the newly contoured tissue is sutured into place.

The Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery team can help each patient determine the best approach for achieving a body and face that best reflects a feeling of vitality and youth.

If you're ready to learn more about breast lift in Michigan performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra, request a consultation, or call our Jackson office at (517) 789-9800 or our Ann Arbor office at (734) 913-5100.