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BreastFeeding with Breast Implants

In many cases, women can safely breastfeed following breast enlargement surgery. Breast implants, whether placed above or below the pectoralis (chest) muscle, do not normally affect the relationship between the breast glands or ducts and the nipple. The presence of breast implants generally does not affect the quality of the breast milk and studies have shown that breastfeeding following breast augmentation surgery poses no risk to the infant.


Women who choose to breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery should not be concerned that breastfeeding will alter the appearance of the breast. Breastfeeding does not usually change the look of the breast. Women with breast implants who breastfeed experience changes in their breasts similar to women with breast implants who do not breastfeed. Pregnancy, and the weight gain and loss associated with having a child, often does have an impact on the appearance of the breast. A woman’s body goes through many changes during and after the birth of a child. The skin stretches to accommodate the growing baby and the milk produced in the breasts. When women finish breastfeeding and return to their pre-pregnancy weight, they may notice that their breasts look different.


Many women in Michigan choose to have breast enhancement surgery after they are finished having children, even those that had breast augmentation surgery prior to pregnancy. Many women find that once they return to their pre-baby weight, their breasts have lost volume or sag. Whether or not you had breast enlargement surgery prior to pregnancy, a breast lift or other procedure once you are finished having children can address any changes that may have taken place.

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While many women successfully breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery and with breast implants, some experience problems. Some women have problems with breastfeeding who have not had breast enhancement surgery. Women who would be able to breastfeed prior to surgery should be able to breastfeed afterward. In some cases, breast glands or ducts can be damaged and this may affect the production of milk in the breast. There are some incision types that require cutting through breast glands or ducts, and these should be avoided in women who wish to breastfeed after surgery. If breastfeeding is important to you, discuss this with Dr. Malhotra so you will be aware of any possible risks prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery in Michigan.