Common Fears of Breast Augmentation Patients


Common Fears of Michigan Breast Augmentation Patients

Our practice sees a large number of patients in Michigan seeking breast augmentation surgery. This may take several forms, including breast implants, a breast lift (also called mastopexy), breast enhancement revision or a combination of more than one procedure performed during one surgery.

The No. 1 concern of women who come to us considering breast augmentation is that they do not want to look too large or fake. We have all seen breast augmentations that dominate a woman’s frame. With some physiques, this can be carried off quite nicely, but for others, it’s just too much.

Breast Augmentation Sizing

Any patient considering breast augmentation in Michigan should consult with an office where she can go through a sizing process. This sizing process will help alleviate her concerns about choosing an appropriate size to fit her frame.

Furthermore, patients should feel as if they are able to convey to their surgeon the type of look they are interested in. Are you a runner who wants a smaller volume to fit your lithe frame? Are you a recent mother who wants to fill out breasts that seem deflated after child bearing? Do you want a really full look so that you will definitely be noticed?

Visit our breast augmentation photo gallery to see what type of breast augmentation you desire.

Dr. Malhotra offers male breast reduction for Michigan men who want to eliminate their visible breast tissue—and get rid of their man boobs.