Michigan breast enlargement patients


Michigan breast enlargement patients enjoying quicker recoveries

Patients planning to have cosmetic surgery are faced with a number of challenges. Often the biggest challenge is finding time in very busy schedules for a surgical procedure. Our focus for our Michigan breast enlargement patients is to minimize recovery time. As the economy has changed, most of our patients want to take minimal time off from work to avoid any issues or to jeopardize their jobs.

Dr. Malhotra utilizes several cutting edge techniques to minimize your down time. We find that for our patients who are seeking breast enlargements that we can often get them back to work with 2-3 workdays off and the weekend. Many of our patients who have implants placed above the muscle tell us they didn’t need any pain medication or that they took 1-2 pills.

We typically perform our breast augmentations in Michigan in the middle of the week, and almost all of our patient return to work after the weekend. Our preference is for new breast implant patients to not lift heavy things for two weeks. After two weeks they can perform any activity they like. This is dramatically different from other techniques where ice, very tight compressive bras, elevation, and deep muscle pain are common.

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