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Mommy Makeover Case 15



This 31 year-old woman wanted to restore her body after having children and sought out a Board Certified Michigan Plastic Surgeon to achieve her goals. She wanted fuller, natural-looking breasts and to remove the extra skin and fat from her abdomen. She and her surgeon developed a comprehensive plan to address the patient’s breasts and abdomen in a classic Mommy Makeover consisting of a standard tummy tuck with a breast augmentation. She decided on saline implants to save on costs and liked the ease of monitoring for a rupture.
During her tummy tuck, a neo-umbilicoplasty technique was utilized to achieve a youthful, tucked in belly button with a hidden scar. High-profile saline implants were chosen, and the right was filled to 450 cc and the left to 470 cc to account for her slight breast asymmetry. After surgery, she feels confident in her body and feels like herself once again.