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The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Ageing is inevitable. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it nor can one’s body. While some women have been blessed with natural full breasts in their youth, they will still encounter the effects of aging. The most popular option that women choose to return youthfulness to their breasts is breast augmentation surgery.

Having breast augmentation surgery can restore a woman’s sense of beauty, confidence, energy, and youth. A consultation can be set up and a plan established at that time as to the patient’s goals relating to the size and desired shape of the breasts. The day of the surgery the patient will be sedated with general anesthesia or something called TIVA anesthesia. This is very commonly used in our practice for breast augmentation patients in particular. This allows for a patient to dramatically cut down the chance of experiencing nausea after surgery. Additionally, a breathing tube is not necessary. Often, slender patients can have prolonged nausea after a conventional anesthetic. We work with board certified anesthesiologists only.

During surgery, the surgeon will use one of three incisions, either under the breast fold, the areola, or the armpit, based on the decision made during the consultation. After making the incision, the implants will be placed in the chest under the pectoral muscle or above it. To complete the surgery, sutures will be used to close the incisions. We use a special three layer closure technique which can provide better long term results by helping to support the implants. After the patient wakes up from the anesthesia, our quick recovery techniques allow many of our patients to return to work within 2-5 days.

According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2012 over 286,000 women had breast augmentation surgery. This proved to be the most popular cosmetic surgery for this year. Interestingly, some studies suggest one out of eighty women have a breast implant.

The best candidates for breast augmentation are women that are physically healthy and have realistic expectations. Patients should have a discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss her expectations for the procedure. It is important to convey to your surgeon how much fullness you like in the upper pole of your breast, whether you like the implants to have a rounded edge in the armpit area, and what size you are hoping to achieve.

Most women consider breast augmentation as an option to rejuvenate an aging figure that has changed through aging, pregnancy, and/or breast feeding. After surgery, women often feel more comfortable in, and out, of clothes again. It is common after breastfeeding or significant weight loss for many women to experience a loss in breast volume.

Post surgery shopping trips!

After breast augmentation women can enjoy the benefits of expanding their wardrobe to fit their improved shape. A firm and perky bust line allows the appearance of the clothes to make the woman look more striking. New dresses, swimwear, cocktail outfits can be worn with confidence.

Improved Mental Health:

Recent studies have shown that the majority of women who undergo breast augmentation feel more confident and have increased their quality of life.

A heightened sense of self-esteem is experienced by the overwhelming majority of women after the surgery. There have been several studies that suggest that how a woman feels directly correlates to her success in the business world. In fact, women that feel young and beautiful earn 75% more than their counterparts.

Increase in Confidence

The way a woman looks and feels about her body can increase overall self-confidence and self-esteem. Particularly, as we age it can be difficult to cope with a body that looks nothing like patients feel. After surgery, we often see patients make many positive life changes including weight loss, increased exercise, and positive job changes.

Women considering breast augmentation can expect many positive changes in their life.