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5 Things Men Ask When Considering Plastic Surgery

While cosmetic treatments have long been considered a women-only endeavor, times are changing.

Today, plastic surgery for men is a rapidly growing trend. According to The Aesthetic Society, men accounted for 7% of all plastic surgery procedures and nearly 10% of all non-surgical procedures in 2019. Thanks to innovations in treatments such as hair transplantation, fillers, tummy tucks, and male breast reduction, more men recognize the physical and mental benefits that can come with looking their best.

Despite this progress, some taboos and questions still remain around men pursuing plastic surgery. Asking the right questions during the consultation is a great starting point for anyone considering cosmetic care. Consider some of these top questions that our Ann Arbor plastic surgeons often hear from men exploring their plastic surgery options.

How Long Will My Procedure Take?

Plastic surgery can be a time investment. For many men who are already nervous that taking personal time off from work may raise eyebrows, a feasible surgical timeline is especially important. Post-surgery recovery is also a concern for many men, particularly those who are considering more invasive procedures. Lengthy recovery time means spending more vacation time to recover as well as gradually reintroducing exercise – something that may be difficult for individuals in physically demanding jobs.

How Natural Will My Results Look?

Given the taboos that still surround plastic surgery for men, discreet treatment and results are high on the priority list for many of our male patients. Luckily, receiving care from an experienced board-certified surgeon helps ensure your final results perfectly complement your features without looking dramatically over-treated.

How Long Will My Results Last?

While plastic surgery is the most permanent way to treat a cosmetic concern, some treatments may require eventual touch-ups to keep up with aging skin. For instance, while a facelift may help remove some sagging along the jawline, the remaining skin will continue to lose its elasticity over time and may require retreatment in the future. During your consultation, we can provide personalized recommendations on how long certain treatment results may last, as well as solutions for retreating or maintaining your results well into the future. 

Are There Non-Surgical Options?

For many men, the pain associated with cosmetic surgery and recovery can be a major factor in choosing to undergo plastic surgery. While some discomfort is anticipated with any cosmetic surgery, our experts are highly trained in pain management during and following care. If pain is a deal-breaker, the surgeons at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery can recommend non-surgical alternatives to treat specific issues. While these options may be more temporary and require more routine upkeep, they let the patient test out treatments before committing to surgery.

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

Plastic surgery is elective, meaning the cost of care is typically higher than “medically necessary” procedures. Because of this, your insurance may not cover all aspects of your treatment. We will provide you with a quote at your first consultation so that you will be able to assess the costs. To help handle the expenses, we also recommend asking about our available financing options and plastic surgery cost estimator.

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