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Plastic surgery for men

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic procedures among the male population continues to steadily grow in popularity. We’ve worked with thousands of male patients and offer treatments most sought after by the male demographic including hair restoration, facelift, tummy tuck, male breast reduction, dermal fillers, Botox®, and rhinoplasty. Our surgeons understand the fine details that are essential to producing the best results for the male face and body.

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Do Men Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Yes, they do! In fact, in 2018 men in the U.S were the recipients of more than 1.3 million cosmetic treatments. At our Ann Arbor plastic surgery practice, we have the opportunity to meet with men every week, educating them about options for face and body rejuvenation, performing in-office non-surgical treatments, and providing state-of-the-art plastic surgery treatments. Not only do men seek out plastic surgery, they often combine surgical procedures such as a facelift, with non-surgical options like Botox or dermal fillers.

Why Do Men Choose Plastic Surgery?

It all comes down to a natural human desire, the desire to look your best at any age. Where once, plastic surgeons’ clientele consisted of 99% women, today, about 20% of our patients are men. Often, wives come in looking for facial or body rejuvenation. When husbands see difference in their spouses’ appearance and confidence, many decide it’s time for their own upgrade.

When we ask our male patients about their reasons for choosing cosmetic enhancement, common answers include desires to:

Our male patients choose plastic surgery for many reasons, but one thing remains constant across the group. These men have a desire to change their appearance and, through plastic surgery, are turning that desire into a reality. They’ve taken control over their appearance instead of letting aging or genetics run the show.

We are delighted to work with men from across Michigan and out of state, helping them to achieve their aesthetic goals. Contact us to schedule your consultation at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery.

Procedures for Men at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery

Are you considering male plastic surgery in Michigan? Come in and explore our many available cosmetic procedures for men. Don’t see the treatment you’re considering on our list? These certainly aren’t the only treatments for our male patients. At your consultation, we’ll help you select effective treatment options for your aesthetic goals.

Do you dream of a full head of hair? Hair loss is a difficult experience for many men. It is also a very common problem. If your genetics have let you down, our hair restoration treatments can bring back a full head of hair. Our Michigan hair restoration services for men treat many kinds of hair loss including male pattern baldness.

Consistent, even results require meticulous processes for hair extraction, storage, and transplantation. Dr. Malhotra uses an advanced FUE device that harvests the best grafts, stores the grafts in hypothermasol to keep them fed and healthy until transplantation, and precisely places each implant into the scalp.  Best of all, we have a hair growth guarantee!

Before and After

Keep your jowls at bay and rediscover a sculpted facial profile with Michigan facelift surgery for men.

Facelifts for men are complicated by the hair-bearing skin on the lower face. Your surgeon must carefully position the skin to ensure that the facial hair growth pattern is preserved. Men also have thicker skin and a more robust blood supply in the face. A skilled surgeon with experience performing facelift surgery on men can address these difficulties, achieving natural-looking facelift results.

Rhinoplasty is the top cosmetic surgery for men in the United States. Dr. Malhotra is a highly experienced rhinoplasty surgeon with extensive experience crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing male noses. We offer many types of rhinoplasty for men including traditional rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, functional rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and a non-surgical nose job.

Learn more about your options for rhinoplasty in Ann Arbor.

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Are washboard abs eluding you at the gym? For many men, millions of crunches won’t be enough to achieve a flat, sculpted abdomen. You see, exercises build muscle, but they won’t tighten skin. If you have loose skin or fat in the abdominal area, achieving your six-pack may require a tummy tuck. This procedure is also popular after massive weight loss, helping men to restore a toned and masculine physique after bariatric surgery.

Our plastic surgeons regularly perform tummy tucks in Michigan. Learn more about this procedure.

Gynecomastia, or excessive breast tissue in men, is a common problem in Michigan. It will affect most men at some point in their lifetime. Don’t hide your chest underneath a shirt any longer. Male breast reduction at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery can give you the confidence to take your shirt off or to wear tighter clothing styles.

We use a combination of powered liposculpture with surgical gland removal. Some men achieve good results using liposuction alone. We’ll talk about your options during your consultation.

Learn more about male breast reduction in Ann Arbor, MI. 

Non-surgical rejuvenation options for men are also available. These options include Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is a powerful neurotoxin that fades wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that cause them. Dermal fillers restore youthful facial volume.

At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, all injectable treatments are performed by one of our plastic surgeons or our nurse injector. We regularly use injectables on men and know how to use these products effectively on male patients.

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