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Refining Nasal Tip

Refining Your Nasal Tip In Michigan

Patients seeking rhinoplasty often want to enhance the shape of the nasal tip. One common issue is a nasal tip that looks “boxy” or round. Surgical techniques used in the past emphasized pinched nasal tips. Modern methods can create a refined nasal tip while avoiding the “nose job” look. Ann Arbor, Michigan, plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra’s objective is to give his patients elegant, natural-looking noses—noses that looks like theirs, only better.

Evaluating Your Nose

Women and men interested in rhinoplasty in Ann Arbor, Michigan, often have two major concerns: their nasal tips and their profiles. It is very important that patients communicate their personal perceptions of what constitutes an attractive nose to their cosmetic surgeon.

During your consultation, Dr. Malhotra will show you how to measure and evaluate the various parts of your nose. First, he will measure the bony part between your eyes to check the nasal width. Second, he will examine the midsection or “middle third” of your nose for width and how it blends to your cheek. Another parameter he will assess is how smoothly one portion of the nose transitions to the next.

The nasal tip is quite complex. It will be evaluated for definition as well as for how far it projects from the face, which is called “tip projection.” In order to avoid the obvious look of a nose job, Dr. Malhotra will discuss with you how to achieve a result that is balanced, elegant, and beautiful.

Achieving A Natural Appearance

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This college student wanted subtle changes to her nasal tip. It was important to her that we maintain the overall appearance of her nose. She was very concerned about having a “nose job” look. Our surgical goals were to draw attention away from her nose by designing a very natural-looking nasal tip. Her post-operative rhinoplasty photos demonstrate the transition of the viewer’s attention to her eyes instead of her nose. The diversion of the observer’s attention to the eyes, and away from the nose, is the hallmark of a great rhinoplasty procedure.

Achieving A Sharper Nasal Tip

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This patient was a revision rhinoplasty candidate. She was unhappy with the shape of her nasal tip following her first surgery more than two decades ago. She felt that her nose dominated her face, and she wanted a more sophisticated appearance. We designed her procedure to give her not only a sharper nasal tip but also an increase in tip projection. A change was made in the distance that her nose projected from her lip area, and this helped bring her nose and face into balance.

Listen as Dr. Malhotra explains how it is possible to achieve a more refined nose tip while also improving airflow when breathing.

Avoiding Unnatural Rhinoplasty Results

Patients seeking rhinoplasty surgery are often concerned about looking too different and no longer looking like themselves. They have seen pictures of Hollywood celebrities, friends, and colleagues who had rhinoplasty using older nasal surgery techniques that left their noses looking “overdone.” These older techniques often resulted in noses that were too scooped, pinched in the tip, or irregular-looking under the skin. Modern nose surgery emphasizes “open structure rhinoplasty.” The structure of the nose is preserved while very delicate changes are made to its appearance.

Long-Lasting Rhinoplasty Results

Our practice specializes in rhinoplasty that enhances people’s overall appearance and gives them results they are happy with for many years to come. Dr. Malhotra is board-certified in ear, nose, and throat surgery and in plastic surgery, making him exceptionally qualified to perform rhinoplasty.

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