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Reducing Nasal Hump

Nasal Hump Reduction In Michigan

Plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra performs specialized rhinoplasty surgery for his Michigan patients who are concerned about their “nasal hump,” which is a hump or bump on the bridge of their nose. Many of these patients have disliked this feature for years, while others have experienced trauma to the area, resulting in a larger or misshapen nose. A history of trauma, in fact, is very common in rhinoplasty patients. Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Malhotra has the skill and attention to detail that enable him to perform highly specialized rhinoplasty surgery, treating all types of noses and helping his Michigan patients feel more confident about their appearance.

An Individualized Approach To Rhinoplasty

Dr. Malhotra specializes in nasal-hump reduction for his rhinoplasty patients in Michigan. He uses a unique approach to this procedure so that his patients maintain a straight profile and avoid an operated, “scooped” nasal appearance. Additionally, about half of his patients have some concern about poor breathing through their nose. Because reducing the nasal bump also reduces the size of the nose, breathing can worsen. For that reason, Dr. Malhotra strives to maintain or improve breathing during hump reduction by supporting the nose internally during surgery.

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Large Nasal-Hump Reduction In Michigan

One of Dr. Malhotra’s patients wanted rhinoplasty surgery at his Michigan practice because she was primarily concerned with a large hump on her nose. She felt that it dominated her face and that the tip pointed downward when she smiled. In this patient, hump-reduction surgery could have compromised her ability to breathe through her nose. To reduce the nasal hump for her, Dr. Malhotra successfully removed a large portion of the nose structure to achieve a straight profile, but he also reinforced the structures that allowed her to breathe normally. See the select rhinoplasty before and after photos from Dr. Malhotra’s Michigan patients.
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*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

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Nose Job Before And After: Small Nasal-Hump Reduction In Michigan

Another patient who came to Dr. Malhotra was concerned with the relatively small bump on her nasal bridge. In addition, she wanted to have a nasal tip that would be sharper and lifted, or “tip rotated.” Her anatomic analysis showed that she had thin skin and a very open nasal passage. Her procedure involved an open rhinoplasty with hump reduction, nasal tip cartilage shaping sutures, and tip rotation. Due to her thin skin, all alterations had to be disguised carefully to avoid any telltale signs of surgery. See the select rhinoplasty before and after photos from Dr. Malhotra’s Michigan patients.

Long-Lasting Results From Nasal-Hump Reduction

Dr. Malhotra is a double board-certified surgeon in ear, nose, and throat surgery as well as plastic surgery. This dual training gives rhinoplasty patients in Michigan a unique combination of skills to deliver naturally beautiful, long-lasting results.