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Michigan's Best Breast Revision Surgery at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery

A revision breast surgery isn’t in anyone’s plans when receiving cosmetic breast surgery, but it can happen. When breast surgery results don’t turn out as planned, breast revision surgery is the solution.

As one of the top plastic surgery practices in Michigan, Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery is where patients turn when they need revision surgery for a previous breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift procedure. Call our office to learn more or to schedule a consultation with one of our talented plastic surgeons. At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, our doctors proudly serve patients across Michigan and Ohio, including those from Brighton, Hartland, Howell, Novi, and Toledo.

Breast Revision: Insider Tips from the Surgeons at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery

If you’re removing or replacing your breast implants, ask your surgeon if capsule removal is also necessary. There are many methods for breast implant removal, including en bloc removal, full capsulectomy, partial capsulectomy, and leaving the capsule in place.

Breast revision surgery can be more complicated than a first-time surgery because of scar tissue. Choose a skilled plastic surgeon with experience performing revision surgery to ensure they can skillfully work with scar tissue and breasts that have had previous surgeries to ensure a good aesthetic outcome.

Our most common surgery is for women who want to exchange their implants or want their “breast redone” several years after having surgery. Often at the revision surgery, we can provide additional cosmetic benefits to the patient including:

  • Creating more cleavage between the breasts
  • Place special support stitches, or internal bra stitches, so the implants don’t fall off to the side when patients are lying down
  • Bring back the fullness to the top part of the breast that has been lost with time and aging

What Is Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast revision surgery is a secondary operation performed on the breasts after a prior cosmetic breast surgery.

Women choose breast revision surgery for many reasons including:

  • Unhappiness with the results from a previous breast surgery
  • Desire to change breast implant size (bigger, smaller) or type (saline to silicone, etc.)
  • Revitalize aging breasts after prior breast surgeries
  • Pregnancy or weight loss has changed previous breast surgery results
  • Complications with your breast implants (capsular contracture, deflation
  • No longer want breast implants
  • Breast implants are getting older and a newer, modern implant type is desired
  • Breasts continued to grow after breast reduction and further reduction is desired

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, come in and talk with one of our Ann Arbor plastic surgeons to determine if this procedure is right for you.

Benefits of Breast Revision

Confidence and comfort are two of the biggest benefits of breast revision surgery. Our surgeons expertly correct complications and improve aesthetic outcomes to help our patients feel their best.

The benefits you’ll enjoy after your procedure depend on your goals and objectives for surgery. Commonly experienced benefits include:

  • Achieve your desired results from breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast lift surgery
  • Rejuvenate your breasts again after a previous breast surgery. Many women choose revision surgery to lift sagging breast implants after pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Feel confident in your breast appearance again
  • Increase comfort and find relief from capsular contracture and other breast surgery complications.

We’ll talk about the benefits you’re likely to experience during your breast surgery consultation at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery.

Schedule A Consultation

Our Michigan plastic surgery specialists understand that the difference is in the details when it comes to achieving your desired results. Visit Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Ballard at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, schedule your consultation today.

What to Expect from Ann Arbor Breast Revision

What will happen during your breast revision surgery? It all depends on what you need. Some of our revision patients are seeking to correct poor results from recent breast surgeries received at other practices while other patients want to refresh breast augmentation results that they’ve enjoyed for decades. We’ll customize your procedure depending on what you need and hope to achieve.

Depending on your needs, we may perform some of the following techniques during your procedure:

  • Replace or remove breast implants
  • Scar revision or treatment
  • Lift and reposition breast tissues
  • Remove breast implant capsule
  • Reshape, reposition, or resize the nipple or areola
  • Correct asymmetry

Most common types of breast revision surgery:

  1. Removal of breast implants with partial or full capsule removal

  2. Exchange of implants after deflation

  3. Exchange of saline to silicone implants

  4. Exchange of implants with saline or silicone with internal bra stitches

  5. Removal of implant with breast lift


Depending on your needs, your procedure may be performed using local anesthesia or general anesthesia. We can give you a better idea of what to expect after we’ve examined your breasts and discussed your goals during a consultation.

Am I a Good Candidate for Revision Surgery?

If you’ve had a previous breast surgery and are experiencing complications, we would love to sit down and discuss your options at a consultation. After a thorough physical examination and a discussion of your goals and objectives, we can determine if revision surgery will benefit you.

The best candidates for breast revision surgery:

Find out if you’re a good candidate by scheduling a consultation today.

What’s Recovery Like After Cosmetic Breast Revision?

Most patients will need some downtime after breast revision surgery in Ann Arbor. The amount of time you’ll need will depend on the procedures we perform and the extent of your surgery.

We will often have patients use a push up bra 48 hours after surgery.  This technique can improve your results and will be explained in your post-operative revision breast surgery instructions.

Many patients find that recovery after revision surgery is easier than their initial breast surgery recovery.

When you need a breast surgery do-over, Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery won’t let you down. Contact us to schedule a consultation or learn more.


Let our before and after gallery show you the expertise of Michigan’s plastic surgery specialists Dr. Pramit Malhotra and Dr. Tiffany Ballard. Place your trust in the skilled hands of our board-certified surgeons who understand that the difference is in the details.

Breast Revision FAQs

Revision surgery is almost always more complex than a first-time procedure, due to scar tissue and breast changes from previous surgeries. Choosing a skilled surgeon is essential to achieving the best results. Look for a provider that frequently performs revision surgeries. Dr. Malhotra specializes in revision breast surgery and in our office we can review several patient photos with you.

It can be difficult to fully assess the results of a prior surgery before the recovery process is complete. As swelling and bruising fade, your results will continue to improve over time. We recommend waiting at least three to six months before scheduling a revision surgery consultation, unless you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or other symptoms that require more immediate treatment.

Some breast revision procedures are simple, requiring only a small tweak to dramatically improve results. Others are much more complex. We’ll provide a detailed estimate for your procedure, based on the extent of surgery needed and the complexity of the procedure. A consultation with one of our surgeons is the best way to determine the cost of your breast revision surgery in Ann Arbor, MI. Costs for revision breast surgery depend on the implant type and whether a simple exchange of implants is being performed.  Typical costs are between 6,000 and 8,000 dollars.

Breast revision surgery is usually considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. For specific information about your insurance policy, contact your insurance company. Our patient advisors can help you navigate cost and financing options for your procedure. We currently do not accept health insurance.

We see women from across the state that are unhappy with their breast surgery results. Our skilled surgeons offer breast revision surgery for all cosmetic breast procedures including breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift surgery.