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Breast Implant Size

Breast Implant Size In Ann Arbor, MI

When choosing the ideal size for breast augmentation implants, Michigan women can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the numerous options they have. In an effort to narrow their choices, many collect photographs of celebrities’ or models’ breasts, or they ask their close friends what bra sizes they wear. After selecting a surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, they must next decide on the size of their breast implants. Many Michigan patients of plastic surgeons Dr. Pramit Malhotra, and Dr. Tiffany Ballard seek an enhanced-but-natural look, concerned about appearing “too big” after surgery. Some, however, actually prefer a more extreme profile. No matter what outcome you prefer, Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Ballard have the skill, experience, and sensitivity to help you achieve amazing results. At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, our doctors proudly serve patients from various regions across Michigan and Ohio, including Brighton, Hartland, Howell, Novi, and Toledo.

Forget Cup Size For Breast Implants In Michigan: Choose A Look Instead

During the initial consultation with Dr. Malhotra for breast augmentation, the discussion always leads to the desired size of breast implants. Most of our Michigan patients have a preferred cup size in mind, but this can be notoriously inaccurate because bra sizes vary considerably from one manufacturer to another. A better starting point for discussing size of breast implants is photographs. Our Michigan patients are encouraged to bring to their initial consultation pictures of results they like.

We find that most patients want a look that is either athletic (small C cup), full (full C cup), or large (D to DD cup). Our most common augmentation size is what we call our “full-C-cup” look. To achieve these sizes, we offer our patients the three most common types of breast implants at our Michigan practice: gummy bear implants, silicone breast implants, and traditional saline breast implants.

Evaluate Your Anatomy

Approximately 80% of women have a slight asymmetry to their chests. Before consulting with Dr. Malhotra, most patients may not have noticed that asymmetry, which might also include a difference in breast fold height. Also, one breast can be larger or wider than the other. These asymmetries can be corrected by using a slightly larger implant in the smaller breast.

A person’s posture can also affect breast implant size. If a patient has a slightly stooped posture, we may use a slightly larger implant or a high-profile implant to bring the torso in balance. During your consultation for breast implants, before and after photos of our Michigan patients will illustrate how asymmetrical breasts are successfully adjusted with correct implant sizing.

Learn The Language Of Sizing

We use standard sizing for breast implants in our Michigan office. It is measured in “cc’s,” or cubic centimeters. Use the following examples to help you visualize these amounts:
  • 1 teaspoon = 5 cc
  • 1 tablespoon = 15 cc
  • 1 Coke can = 355 cc
Changing your size by 25 cc often seems significant during the sizing process, but if you imagine 5 additional teaspoons of fluid in an implant, then the change is really quite small.

One of the most difficult choices for patients is selecting the size of their breast implants. At our Michigan practice, we use a patented MENTOR Volume Sizing System, which makes a dramatic difference in helping patients choose with confidence. We have custom sizers that demonstrate possible outcomes. The patients can try on sizers under tank tops so they can see how their body shape and proportions will appear in clothes.

Does Profile Matter?

Another term to familiarize yourself with is projection. This term relates to your breast implant profile, meaning how far off the chest wall the implants will extend.

Implants come in many different profiles.

  • Low Profile Implants are relatively flat implants that minimally extend off of the chest. Due to their wider base, they are ideal for women with a wide chest wall.
  • Moderate Profile Implants are some of the most natural-looking breast implant projection for most women. They provide projection that is not too low or too high.
  • Moderate Plus Profile Implants are the most common implants used. They often provide more natural-looking results and hit the sweet spot between width and projection. This style is used about 75% of the time.
  • High Profile Implants are ideal for creating rounded, cleavage-heavy breasts. This implant shape may look unnatural on some patients. It is also used on petite women because of the narrower base.

Are you hoping to achieve a subtle breast augmentation result or something more dramatic? By selecting the right implant profile, we can custom fit your implants to your body size and create your ideal breast shape.

Schedule A Consultation

Our Michigan plastic surgery specialists understand that the difference is in the details when it comes to achieving your desired results. Visit Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Ballard at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, schedule your consultation today.

My experience with Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery and their staff was beyond anything I could have hoped for! Having a breast augmentation surgery has been a dream of mine for years. I have never been confident in my body, especially my breast and even more so after I had children. So after turning 30 just after christmas, I decided to start the new year by making a change for myself. I researched many different plastic surgeons before deciding to give Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery a shot. Every step of this process has been so easy, and enjoyable because of the staff! I felt so welcome, just from making my consultation appointment and connecting with Tammy and Dr. Malhotra, all the way through the procedure and recovery. They really took care of me and helped me to find the best implants and size, for the look I was going for. Most importantly my results are amazing and I couldn't be happier!

Good Communication For Breast Implants = Best Before And After Results

Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery specializes in breast augmentation and implants for Michigan women. We use a special 3-step process to help you choose the correct size for your breast implants. For the best before and after results, we urge you to clearly convey your likes and dislikes during your consultation. This is why we stress that good, open communication is a key ingredient for a successful outcome. We will ask about your goals, your work, and your family environment, as well as your athletic and beach activities, including running, frequent sun bathing, etc. We will also inquire about the views of your friends and family members regarding breast augmentation surgery.

This information will help us design an individual surgical plan just for you. In addition to helping us select the right size for your saline, silicone, or gummy bear breast implants, your honest information will help us determine the best placement and incision type to fit your needs and your Michigan lifestyle. We may make small alterations in our size recommendations to fit your specific needs, and in some cases we may suggest a breast lift surgery to complement your breast augmentation surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Implant Size

You don’t have to choose your breast implant size on your own. Our team will guide you through this process, helping you find perfectly sized implants for your body type and aesthetic goals.

As you age, you may find that your aesthetic desires do too. Size changes are fairly common, but you’ll need to undergo breast revision surgery if you want to change your implants. We are happy to help our patients change out their implants later on.

Using an implant that is too large for your body can cause the skin to stretch and the implants to bottom out. Oversized implants can also be painful or uncomfortable. Our surgeons will explain your options and help you select an appropriately sized implant so you can avoid these potential complications.