Breast Implant Cost

What Impacts The Cost Of Breast Implants?

The cost of your implants and breast augmentation surgery will depend on a variety of factors. The type of breast implant you choose and to a lesser degree the manufacturer of the implant will impact cost. You will be able to compare the cost of different implants and the total cost of your breast augmentation during your consultation with Dr. Malhotra.

Types Of Breast Implants And Their Cost

Popular implants in Michigan and the US generally include gummy bear implants, traditional silicone-based implants, and saline-based implants. There is a greater cost for silicone-based implants than saline-based implants. Gummy bear implants are filled with silicone and cost slightly more than traditional silicone-based implants.

There are pros and cons to each type of breast implant. You may have an idea of the type of implant you want, or you may just be beginning your information gathering process. In either case, reviewing the resources on our website will help you make this decision and help you prepare for your initial consultation to discuss breast enlargement.

Silicone-based implants are softer and feel more natural than saline-based implants. Saline implants can feel slightly heavier than silicone-based implants and may be firmer to the touch if you do not have significant breast tissue of your own over the top of the implant. Saline implants can occasionally “ripple” where the edge of the implant is visible. There can be more hardening and scarring, called capsular contracture, around silicone-based implants which can also lead to the need for future surgeries. How your breasts feel after breast enhancement surgery will also depend on the amount of breast tissue you had prior to surgery and whether you choose to have a breast lift procedure along with the placement of your implants.

Safety & Risks

As with any surgery, there are some risks to having breast augmentation. Silicone implants may also require more complicated surgery to remove if they begin to leak or rupture; whereas, saline implant ruptures simply involve your body absorbing the salt water. Women with implants should consult with their plastic surgeon if they notice any pain or changes in their breasts over time. Pain or a change in the shape of the breast can be a sign of capsular contracture, or scar tissue, around the implant.

Many women experience little or no problems with their breast implants and keep them for 10-20 years. Some women however do experience problems, including scarring, shifting, leakage, or deflation and it may become necessary to remove or replace the implants. You can discuss the risks associated with implants with Dr. Malhotra during your consultation.

Cost Of Breast Implants

The cost of implants range from $5,000 to $7,000. The actual cost of your implants will depend on which implant type you choose. You will have an opportunity to discuss your options and all fees associated with your breast augmentation during your consultation with Dr. Malhotra.

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