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Alexis’ Alignment

Patient Stories | Rhinoplasty

Dr. Pramit Malhotra is a wonderful surgeon who is honest and explains what can realistically be done for his patients. During my rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Malhotra gave detailed reasons as to why some of the things I wanted done to my nose would not be suitable and why other things could not be done. I had had two other consultations prior to meeting with Dr. Malhotra, and the way he described the details about the procedure were unparalleled. I fell in love with Dr. Malhotra immediately and no longer considered searching any further for a surgeon. I was able to speak with Dr. Malhotra during every visit to the office regardless of whether I had an appointment or not. I received a visit from Dr. Malhotra before the surgery, and we discussed all the details of the surgery once more, and he reassured me that everything would be fine.

The Unveiling

During the removal of my nose cast and stitches I began to feel light headed due to the fact that I had not eaten that morning. Dr. Malhotra was very patient, stopped the removal process, and provided me with water, a cool compress, and time to collect myself. Dr. Malhotra has to be one of the most compassionate individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He is very diligent in his efforts to provide phenomenal service to all his patients, and I would recommend him to friends, family, and anyone seeking a fantastic surgeon with a heart of gold. My level of pain after surgery was a soft three. Although I was not able to breathe through my nose until the cast was removed, it did not cause any discomfort.

Total Experience

Dr. Malhotra’s staff is a mirror reflection of everything he is. I adore all the staff at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery. I was always greeted by name, and they were always warm, welcoming, and cheerful and attended to all my needs. I absolutely love my care coordinator, Tammy. Whenever I needed anything, she was more than happy to help me. Tammy provided me with all medications and after care instructions a week prior to my surgery, and we spoke several times after surgery. The staff was very helpful, pleasant, and patient with me before and after the surgery. Dr. Malhotra and his team provided me with more than just a beautiful new nose. They treated me with kindness and respect and provided me with an experience I will cherish forever.

I am thankful that I was able to find a group of people as caring, professional, passionate, and knowledgeable as Dr. Malhotra and his team.

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