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Sheila’s surprise

Patient Stories | Breast Augmentation

Since a very young age I have been very athletic and continue to be right up until my breast augmentation. I began gymnastics at the age of 8 and continued for 5 years.  Within those 5 years, everything but breasts were growing and developing.  After stopping gymnastics, I instantly in 7th grade began running cross country and track.  Due to constantly being active, while my friends were all developing breasts, I sadly was not.  I got teased a lot because I was so “flat chested”.  Once I began high school, I still was not developing as much as I had hoped to, but I learned to accept it.  Now that I am beginning my junior year of college, I had finally decided that it was time for a change.  My goal was to be able to wear a bathing suit, sports bra, and simply normal clothing and feel 100% comfortable with my body.  While home from college, I worked very hard all summer to save up money to finally get the breasts that I have always wanted!!

Long Awaited…

Once I knew I had enough money to make this surgery finally happen, I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Pramit Malhotra so we could discuss what I wanted to do.  During the consultation, Dr. Malhotra and his staff made me feel very comfortable about what I was planning to do and was very satisfied with how my consultation went overall.  He answered all the questions I had about the surgery and my recovery.  Since I will be in Cheerleading season at college, I was a little worried on how long the healing process and recovery time will be because I did not want to sit out during competitions.  Dr. Malhotra reassured me that my recovery should not take long and that I would be able to be to do my normal workouts within a few weeks.  He overall made me feel very comfortable about this new change in my life.  When I tried on the different implant sizes, I was looking for a more athletic look since I am a very smaller figured girl and was very satisfied with how helpful the staff was with fulfilling the size and the overall look that I have always wanted!

The Big Day

I was very nervous the closer I got to the day of the surgery. The surgery center made me feel so comfortable the day of the surgery that all my nerves went away.  Dr. Malhotra, the anesthesiologist, and the nurses all spoke to me to make me feel comfortable and reassured me that the surgery would go very smoothly.  Once I woke up from surgery, they were making sure I was doing okay and were asking about my pain to make sure it was manageable.  The nurses and Dr. Malhotra made sure that I felt good before I was ready to head home.  Once I got home, I could not sit still.  I had very little pain after surgery and the last thing I wanted to do was lay in bed.  Everything went so smoothly the day of surgery, it was great!

100% Confidence

Three weeks after surgery, I am so satisfied with my results.  I still cannot believe how much my breast augmentation has changed my figure and my perspective of my body itself.  It is an amazing feeling to look in the mirror and finally be 100% comfortable in my clothes.  Or the fact that I can wear a sports bra and not want to cross my arms to cover my chest!  I am able to be so much more confident with my body and I love it!  Dr. Malhotra did an amazing job on my breast augmentation and I am so thankful that he has made it possible for me to be so confident and in love with my own body!