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Kallie’s Quest

Patient Stories | Breast Augmentation

I’ve always been a tiny woman. With my naturally small build and love for consistent exercising also came small breasts. When it came down to it, I truly never felt confident or sexy in anything that I owned. No amount of push-up bras gave me the self-confidence that I was looking for. I knew a breast augmentation was something that I’ve always wanted. 

No Doubts

When I booked my consultation with Dr. Malhotra I knew there was no doubt in my mind that he was the surgeon that would give me my desired results. From day 1 and beyond, Dr. Malhotra, his patient care coordinator, Tammy, and his staff has treated me with kindness, communication, comfortability and excellent customer service. Their guidance and support pre and post-surgery really shows how much they care about their patients. I am beyond blown away with the exceptional care I received from AAPS. 


Upon waking from surgery, I felt amazing. I remember waking up and feeling like I could almost drive myself home. Recovery was a breeze as well. I scheduled the operation for a Thursday and returned to work on Monday. I also returned to light workouts within a week. Besides the normal uncomfortably (chest tightening and slight pain), I bounced back and healed fairly quickly. I couldn’t ask for a smoother process. 

Full Confidence

Today, I look and feel amazing. I have never been more confident in my body and in myself. I’m beyond satisfied with my results and forever thankful for AAPS for helping make me feel my best!”