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Quick Recovery Tips

Beautiful Results. Less Downtime

The surgeons at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery offer quick recovery procedures for his patients who have plastic surgery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A shorter recovery is ideal for people who are on-the-go and have busy lives, but still want the lasting benefits of a surgical procedure. Our patients can get beautiful results with less downtime – meaning you can enjoy those beautiful results sooner.

Decreasing Recovery Time and Discomfort

While not every procedure can be performed as a “quick recovery,” Dr. Malhotra uses techniques that shorten the recovery for these procedures:

Breast Augmentation

Many of our patients considering breast augmentation lead active, busy lives and have minimal time to spend recuperating from surgical procedures. Dr. Malhotra has created a series of modifications to standard breast augmentation techniques that effectively reduces the time spent away from normal activities after surgery. Women who have a quick recovery breast augmentation procedure often are able to return to their daily routine within 2 days. A slightly longer recovery time should be expected for those patients who have the implant placed underneath the muscle due to muscle manipulation.

A quick recovery breast augmentation in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is achieved by using a long-acting anesthetic that is spread throughout the patient’s tissue before surgery. This means less medication is needed from the anesthesiologist, and often keeps the breast tissue numbed and pain-free until the morning after surgery. During surgery, the pectoral muscles are not cut directly, but freed at their natural attachments to reduce soreness. After surgery, the area around the implant is surrounded by an additional long-acting liquid anesthetic to bathe the chest wall and implant from the inside. The majority of our patients report an easier recovery than expected.

Tummy Tuck

For his tummy tuck patients, Dr. Malhotra utilizes a mixture of long-acting anesthetics similar to the quick recovery technique used with breast augmentation patients. The injection of anesthetics around the stomach muscles, drain tube (if placed), and surgical incision act as an internal pain medication “pump” after surgery. In addition, a special surgical technique is used to minimize soreness by delicately manipulating tissue while realigning stomach muscles.

During surgery, a high lateral tummy tuck is performed with liposuction at the edge of the incision. This shortens the incision length and can expedite the recovery process. The recovery time for a mini tummy tuck is typically about 25-30% shorter than that of a full abdominoplasty.


With liposuction in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the recovery time varies depending on which areas are treated. Patients receiving chin liposuction recover very quickly, while those opting for flank/love handle liposuction may require additional recuperation time.

Dr. Malhotra frequently uses power liposuction to facilitate the healing process for this procedure. For patients that may need larger amounts of fat removed, power liposuction allows for the removal of fat with slightly less bruising and swelling.

Mini Facelift

In addition to the traditional facelift procedures, Dr. Malhotra offers mini facelift procedures to his plastic surgery patients. Tumescent anesthesia is used for his facelift patients. This involves using a very diluted anesthetic solution that is spread throughout the face before the surgical procedure is started. This preparation allows the tissues to be repositioned during surgery with minimal tissue trauma. The use of this diluted anesthetic solution has both reduced bruising in the cheek area by 50% and significantly minimized pain following the procedure. A number of our patients have not taken any narcotic pain medicine after surgery due to this simple yet effective technique.

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