Nasal Bridge for Rhinoplasty Patients | Michigan


Achieving a Straight Nasal Bridge for Rhinoplasty Patients

Patients seeking nasal surgery often share common concerns. The 3 issues we see most in people considering rhinoplasty in Michigan are:

  • A nasal bridge, also called a nasal dorsum, that is too prominent. In lay terms, this is called a bump or hump on the nose.
  • A nasal tip that lacks definition. Patients will often feel that their nose looks too rounded or is bulbous.
  • A degree of nasal obstruction.

When patients are consulting with rhinoplasty surgeons in Michigan, it is critical that they be able to communicate with the surgeon what their aesthetic ideals are. The best way to do this is to look at pictures of the surgeon’s work and review what the probable surgical outcomes will be. Contemporary rhinoplasty surgery has changed from scooped noses and pinched tips to a much more natural appearance. A very positive evolution in our opinion!

Rhinoplasty surgeons often discuss what type of nasal bridge is ideal. For our male patients, we most commonly seek to make the nasal bridge straight. For our female patients, about two-thirds of our patients want a nasal bridge that is straight so their nose does not look “done.” The remaining one-third of our female patients want their nasal tips to be just a bit perkier. This cannot be excessive, or the nose will look too cute.

We recommend spending time looking at surgeons’ before-and-after photos online, printing out pictures of several noses that you like, and bringing them to your consultation.