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Ann arbor botox patients hate the frozen look

Many of our Ann arbor botox patients come to our office for the first time because they are seeing signs of aging that are inconsistent with how old they feel. They are interested in looking better through safe, simple and non invasive ways. The top concerns of new Botox patients are:

1. Is the procedure safe? (Yes)

2. How much will the procedure cost? (b/w $250 and $500)

3. What is the recovery time if any? (none. you can have it done on a lunch hour)

4. Will I look funny? (more on how to avoid this later)

When we are seeing new cosmetic surgery patient for a “Botox consultation”, we really see that patient as asking us what simple cost effective things can they do to look younger, fresher, and less tired. I think this first consultation is the perfect time to talk about simple skin care regimens (i.e. retinoic acid and sunblock), fillers (juvederm to fill the hollows under eyes, folds around the mouth, liquid facelifts etc,), and of course Botox to relax, not freeze, the wrinkles between the eyebrows, in the forehead, and crow’s feet. Then we can develop a plan for that patient that reflects their goals, and respects their budget. I often like to tell patients what treatments will give them the “biggest bang for the buck” and are the simplest.

Our new Michigan Botox patients have seen botox gone bad in the tabloids and on the networks like E t.v. and frankly they are a bit scared of Botox. If you research Botox complications, you will see it stated that the number one issue is the chance of your eyelid drooping (which is 1% in expert hands and can be treated with eyedrops). In reality, an overarched eyebrow is the most common issue, although it is not considered a medical complication by strict definitions. I consider it a complication because it doesn’t look good! You may have seen this in your neighbor, on celebrities (Kate Gosselin – sorry Kate!), or on friends. This typically happens when patients bounce from provider to provider not allowing a single surgeon to get to know the patients’ musculature. An overarched eyebrow really is not the plastic surgeon’s fault and can happen to any provider, unless it keeps occurring! It also can be helped fairly easily with some additional micro injections of Botox placed very precisely. Surprisingly, it is not corrected as often as it should be, and I am forced to shake my head in dismay everytime we visit family in Los Angeles.


The effect of Dysport lasts between 6 and 18 months depending on the patient and the amount applied, although it may be necessary to repeat the treatment session according to the desired outcome.

Dr. Malhotra
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