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Ann arbor liposuction patients confused by competing technologies

Currently, a myriad of technologies are available to treat stubborn fat deposits. We now really have a modality that works well for almost all types of patients interested in fat reduction or liposuction in Ann Arbor.  In our practice, we have evaluated the majority of procedures available to patients from fat dissolving injections, Lipodissolve, to fat freezing called Coolsculpting. It is our experience that only some of these technologies work well enough and provide results that we would consider acceptable for our patients.

For very thin active patients, we commonly recommend a non-invasive procedure called Coolsculpting.  This works best for the abdomen, love handles, bra/back fat, and in some patients inner thighs.  Many of our patients who seek Coolsculpting in Ann Arbor would not consider liposuction for various reasons. This typically reduces the fat layer by twenty percent.

For patients who are quite thin but either want liposculpting or have particular areas that are troublesome like other thighs, we typically use power liposuction with very small narrow cannulas to perform the liposuction very accurately.

For larger patients, we typically either offer large volume liposuction cases with skin excision surgery.  Obese patients still need to have gastric bypass surgery before seeing a plastic surgeon in Ann Arbor.

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