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Breast Augmentation will Not Lead to Sagging after Breast Feeding

A recent study revealed that breast augmentation will not increase a woman’s risk of breast sagging after breast feeding her newborn. Most women are led to believe that if they have breast implants their breasts are more likely to fall or change their aesthetic appearance. The report clarifies that breast feeding is not a factor in causing the woman’s breasts to sag after breast feeding with or without breast implants.

Breast Implants DO NOT Interrupt Nursing

Many women believe the misconception that breast implants will interfere with breastfeeding. The implants are placed above or below the pectoralis muscle. This will not cause the breast gland tissue to fail during breastfeeding, since placement of the implant is below the milk producing gland tissue.

Implants Do Not Increase the Risk of Sagging after Pregnancy

One of the biggest concerns that hold women back from undergoing breast augmentation is the belief that the implants will cause their breasts to sag after breastfeeding. A study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons concluded that breast sagging in women is generally experienced after childbirth and not breastfeeding. Changes of a mother’s body result from the pregnancy, not by breastfeeding.

The study of about 120 women with breast augmentation measured in before and after their delivery. The participants were split in two categories, 57 who breastfed and 62 who did not breastfeed. A year after their pregnancy their measurements revealed that there was no significant decrease of breast sagging, whether they breastfed or not.

Research determines that breast sagging is a result of pregnancy and not a risk factor of having breast augmentation. The woman’s hormonal effects during pregnancy cause breasts to enlarge from tissue engorgement. After the hormonal effects are removed, following delivery, the mother’s breasts are likely to deflate and sag due to the expanded skin.

Aesthetic Results Are Not Lost Post Pregnancy

Women contemplating having breast augmentation do not need to fret over the myth that their breasts will sag after breastfeeding. The investment made will not be lost as the effects of pregnancy induce changes of the body naturally. Following pregnancy it is normal to experience breast sagging due to expanded skin and lost volume, but breastfeeding will not cause breasts to sag. Learn more from your plastic surgeon about the effects of breast augmentation and pregnancy during consultation.