Avoid Fake-Looking Breast Enhancements | Ann Arbor, MI


Breast Enlargement in Ann Arbor, MI

The degree to which the results of a plastic surgery procedure appear real or natural is directly related to the talent, experience, and skill of the surgeon. His abilities will inform the decisions he makes in conjunction with the patient seeking any procedure, such as breast augmentation.

When it comes to breast augmentation, Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Pramit Malhotra works to discuss a range of options with his patients. Choices to consider include the type of breast implants, their size, the technique used to insert them, and the projected visual impact they will have on the overall body.


It is important to many women that their breast augmentation surgery does not result in fake-looking breasts. Dr. Malhotra explains to his patients that they can choose whatever size implants they like, but the implants that are the most natural looking are the ones that are not out of proportion with the rest of the patient’s anatomy.

Women looking to get a quality breast augmentation in Michigan trust and choose Dr. Malhotra for his emphasis on approaching the surgery as more than a single, isolated procedure. It is important to factor in numerous variables when choosing implants, to be sure that the implants work in the patient’s best interests, medically and aesthetically. That way, the results will appear more natural.


A breast augmentation procedure requires the patient to make several decisions.

She must choose the type of breast implants to be inserted, considering the pros and cons of silicone and saline. Depending on which kind of implant is chosen, and the size of the breast implants, Michigan women will also discuss the incision options, which include incisions on the areola, under the breast, under the arm, or even through the belly button. The implant itself can be inserted over or under the muscle tissue during the breast augmentation surgery. Again, this decision depends on the type of implant chosen, the individual patient’s anatomy, and the doctor’s preference. The choice, however, is ultimately the patient’s.

When handled properly by a trained, certified, and professional surgeon like Dr. Malhotra, breast augmentation can create a natural, balanced look that does not appear to be fake. The goal is to generate an enhanced look, and the best way to do so is for a patient to work with her doctor with proportion in mind. She can also choose to complement the breast augmentation with other procedures—such as a tummy tuck or liposuction—to better maintain her body’s overall proportions and visual balance.