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How Often Should You Get BOTOX Injections?

If you want to bid farewell to fine lines and wrinkles, neuromodulators such as BOTOX Cosmetic in Ann Arbor, MI, can go a long way toward helping you achieve your ideal results. However, nothing lasts forever, including non-surgical cosmetic treatments. As BOTOX’s effects wear off, you’ll need routine touch-up treatments to maintain your youthfully refreshed… Read More »

Advantages of Getting Plastic Surgery in the Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just for cupboards. At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, we love helping our patients enjoy the season of rejuvenation with plastic surgery treatments for their face and body. During the spring, the world awakens. Blossoms appear on once dormant plants and the whole world is filled with possibility. You deserve this seasonal rejuvenation,… Read More »

Popular Non-Surgical Procedures During the New Year

It’s crucial to discuss non-surgical treatments apart from surgical procedures because they function differently and offer different results. Plastic or cosmetic surgery delivers permanent results with a long recovery. Minimally invasive procedures are quick, convenient, and require little downtime. With this in mind, it’s a good time of year to consider what’s trending in non-surgical… Read More »

A Guy’s Guide to Their First Botox Treatment

You may not hear the guys at the gym talking about their Botox injections, but they are happening. We promise. Botox is becoming increasingly popular amongst men, helping them to slow the aging process and reverse stubborn wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Men, are you ready to find out what all the Botox hype… Read More »