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Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

The search for the ideal breast implant material has spanned everything from soy oil to paraffin. The current generation of silicone implants are one of the most studied medical implants in the world. Despite the favorable safety profile, a sizeable percentage of women interested in augmentation surgery have sat on the sidelines. Their most cited… Read More »

Common Fears of Michigan Breast Augmentation Patients

Our practice sees a large number of patients in Michigan seeking breast augmentation surgery. This may take several forms, including breast implants, a breast lift (also called mastopexy), breast enhancement revision or a combination of more than one procedure performed during one surgery. The No. 1 concern of women who come to us considering breast augmentation is… Read More »

Michigan breast enlargement patients enjoying quicker recoveries

Patients planning to have cosmetic surgery are faced with a number of challenges. Often the biggest challenge is finding time in very busy schedules for a surgical procedure. Our focus for our Michigan breast enlargement patients is to minimize recovery time. As the economy has changed, most of our patients want to take minimal time off from… Read More »

Center for breast augmentation in Michigan

We are seeing an increasing number of patients who are requesting breast enlargement surgery.  Interestingly, the most common time of the year for this surgery is January through June.  Often patients have been thinking of having breast implants for several years, and find the time is right before the busy summer months. We have developed… Read More »

The breast implant pocket is key for patients seeking breast augmentation in Michigan

The key to breast augmentation surgery is creating a great pocket for the implant. This means that the implant that is selected must fit the dimensions of the patients breast. For our patients who consult with us for breast augmentation in Michigan, we take measurements of the their chest wall and then have them try on… Read More »

Michigan breast enlargement patients seek a natural look

Almost 75% of our breast augmentation patients in Ann Arbor and Jackson are concerned about being too large from their breast implants. They are concerned about looking unprofessional or having shelf like torpedo breasts. Everyone has encountered patients with breast implants who look just too big. When we talk with our breast augmentation patients in… Read More »