Shrink the Fat Smartly with CoolSculpting

The long hot days of summer are gone, and like many of us the barbecues, weddings and graduation parties are starting to show excess fat in unattractive places on your body.  Even after putting in long hours at the gym and eating right during the week, we cannot seem to avoid the extra baggage that… Read More »

Choosing a Breast Implant Size

There are thousands of patients every year that choose to have breast augmentation surgery to restore their figure or improve areas that have always been deficient. Once patients have made the decision to have breast surgery, they must then decide which cosmetic surgeon is right for them. The plastic surgeon that performs your breast augmentation is one… Read More »

Rhinoplasty recovery time in Michigan

Patients who are thinking about rhinoplasty surgery have often considered surgery for several years. Among their chief concerns are achieving a result that looks natural and rhinoplasty recovery time. At Malhotra Center for Plastic Surgery, we employ the newest techniques to make recovery as quick as possible. The majority of patients take 7-9 days off from work… Read More »

Sizing for Breast Augmentation in Michigan

Mentor Corp. has recently released a new sizing system for patients seeking breast augmentation in Michigan. Previous techniques for choosing breast implant size have included filling zip-top plastic bags with rice, stuffing implants into your existing bra, and picking your size from 2-dimensional photos on the Internet. In our practice, we do not feel that any… Read More »

In Ann Arbor, Botox versus Dysport

We often see patients in our plastic surgery practice, who are seeking non surgical ways to look more refreshed. In Ann Arbor, Botox or Dysport are often suggested as treatment options. These are both medicines that are injected into muscles in the face causing them to relax. Since muscle contraction causes worry lines, we can relax worry lines through… Read More »