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Center for breast augmentation in Michigan

We are seeing an increasing number of patients who are requesting breast enlargement surgery.  Interestingly, the most common time of the year for this surgery is January through June.  Often patients have been thinking of having breast implants for several years, and find the time is right before the busy summer months.

We have developed a new website,, to focus on information regarding breast enlargement surgery in Michigan.  This site is still in development, but has some interesting information on choosing a plastic surgeon, breast augmentation secrets, and choosing an implant size.

We are finding that patients are getting vastly different recommendations on recovery from breast augmentation, choosing a size of implant, and the discussion of risks of implantation.  It is important that patients understand that choosing breast implant surgery is a lifelong decision.  Statistically, patients will have another breast surgery in ten to fifteen years.  This may be due to capsular contracture/scar tissue, implant rupture, or the breast tissue sagging.  It is our experience that once patients have breast implants they typically want them replaced.  We emphasize this to our younger patients so they understand what the future holds for them.

For more information, you can visit our page on breast augmentation for Insider tips on breast surgery.

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