Choosing a Breast Implant Size

There are thousands of patients every year that choose to have breast augmentation surgery to restore their figure or improve areas that have always been deficient. Once patients have made the decision to have breast surgery, they must then decide which cosmetic surgeon is right for them. The plastic surgeon that performs your breast augmentation is one of the most important factors to ensure that your surgery is performed elegantly, your recovery time is minimized, and your results exceed your expectations. Dr. Malhotra is an authority in his field with 11 years of training and over 5,000 surgeries performed. He will individualize your procedure to meet all of your aesthetic goals.

Aside from choosing the right plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, all patients will need to choose a size for their implant. During your consultation with Dr. Malhotra, you can discuss the specific goals that you have for breast augmentation to help him best assist you in choosing the right size. He will also take into consideration the overall shape of your body and what sizes would proportionately fit. After discussing your goals and analyzing your body structure, Dr. Malhotra will have you go through a special sizing process that has been developed by Dr. Malhotra.
When patients come to the office for a consultation, they may bring pictures of patients whose body type mirrors theirs. Often patients have a post procedure cup size in mind, however, a more accurate sizing process is used in the office. The best way to communicate with your surgeon is to review pictures with your plastic surgeon to view which things you do and do not like. Dr. Malhotra specializes in breast augmentation. He has done advanced training solely in breast augmentation surgery.

During your body analysis, Dr. Malhotra will take measurements of your chest and breasts in ratio with the measurements of your waist and hips. This will help him explain to you what sizes would be proportionate with the goals you have. He will also evaluate the elasticity of your skin to make sure your skin an accommodate the size you have chosen.

Success in breast augmentation surgery depends on choosing the right surgeon, selecting the right implant type, sizing an implant that fits your goals, and using quick recovery techniques. You can view numerous breast augmentation results performed by Dr. Malhotra by reviewing his before and after breast augmentation photos.

Dr. Malhotra offers male breast reduction for Michigan men who want to eliminate their visible breast tissue—and get rid of their man boobs.