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Common Reasons to Consider a Breast Reduction

Large breasts can be a heavy, oppressive burden for some women. Along with physical issues, there are several mental and emotional challenges associated with large breasts, sending many women in search of a permanent solution. Breast reduction surgery can help address these issues and effectively reshape more proportionately sized breasts.

Not only can breast reduction surgery literally take weight off your chest, but it can also help rejuvenate your figure and renew your lifestyle with help from Michigan’s best breast reduction surgeons at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery.

Relief from Chronic Discomfort

Large breasts can be a real pain in the neck. And the back. And the shoulders. By placing an excessive amount of weight on the chest and upper abdomen, large breasts require more support from your core muscles, which causes other areas to compensate, leading to chronic pain.

Heat, bras, and the weight of larger breasts can cause chronic skin redness, chafing, or rashes to form beneath the breasts, causing discomfort and embarrassment. During the warmer months, sweat can cause further irritation to the area.

Breast reduction offers relief from the pain and discomfort associated with large breasts and can increase confidence and mobility.

Revive Your Active Lifestyle

Physical activities are a challenge with large breasts. Often, women avoid high-impact exercises that can cause excess breast movement.

After a breast reduction, you’ll no longer have large breasts holding you back, and may have more energy to participate in strenuous physical activities like sports, CrossFit, and high-intensity interval training.

Renew Confidence and Self-Image

The negative stigma and unwelcome attention associated with large breasts can impact your self-image, self-esteem, and contribute to emotional distress. Often, large breasts make women acutely conscious of their overall size and figure.

Breast reduction surgery can create more proportionately sized breasts for your body, revitalizing your confidence and renewing your body image.

Stand Taller and Breathe Easier

It’s hard to stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back when heavy breasts pull you forward. Slouching or hunching can also contribute to neck and spinal issues, pinched nerves, and breathing difficulties, like shortness of breath. The simplest activities can feel suffocating when you have the increased weight of heavy breasts on your chest. In short, a breast reduction can help you stand taller and breathe easier.

Better Clothing Options

Many large-breasted women have trouble finding clothing options to flatter their proportions. You may also experience deep shoulder indentations and grooves from ill-fitting bras and the weight of your breasts.

Following breast reduction surgery in Ann Arbor, shopping for well-fitting clothing and bras can be easy and fun again. Plus, you’ll experience the pleasure of looking and feeling better in your clothes.

Choosing Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery for Your Breast Reduction

The first step in determining whether you are a candidate for breast reduction surgery is talking with one of the renowned board-certified plastic surgeons at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery. They are here to guide you through all aspects of your breast reduction journey to help you look and feel your best.

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