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Does a Revision Breast Surgery Require a Lift?

Since breast augmentation remains in such consistently high demand among women, breast revision surgery is a correspondingly sought-after procedure. A breast revision is when a surgeon removes one set of implants to replace them with another. The procedure aims to improve or change breast appearance while updating the implants. The question this post will address is: Does a revision require a breast lift? Some patients need a lift with their revision, but should everyone who undergoes this procedure consider a combination surgery?

Why a Breast Lift?

Sometimes, answers are simple. To determine if you need a breast lift alongside your revision surgery, you need to understand what a breast lift does. A lift repositions and reshapes sagging breasts. Looking in the mirror, see where your nipples lie in relation to your breast crease. If they fall below, you need a breast lift. Another quick check is the “pencil test.” If you can place a pencil or another small object under your breast and it stays put, you’re an excellent candidate for breast lift surgery.

Does a Lift Require Revision Surgery?

If you have had a breast augmentation in the past and need a lift, you may also consider adding a revision. Implants don’t last forever, and it’s best to be safe than sorry once you decide to have a lift. Since you are having surgery, it’s the best time to upgrade your implants and optimize your breasts.

Do You Need a Revision?

If you’ve had your breast augmentation relatively recently, but have become dissatisfied with your results, ask your surgeon if you need a revision. Sometimes, implants do precisely what you expected, but they sag because the chest muscles need reinforcement to support the added weight. When this happens, a stand-alone breast lift will give you the results you want without the need to exchange the implants.

What If I Want to Remove My Implants Without Replacing Them?

Due to lifestyle changes, many women feel the need to remove their implants without replacing them. This type of revision surgery is becoming more popular, especially with older women who have had implants for some time. A breast lift is typically necessary to strengthen the chest wall while removing excess skin, allowing the breasts to maintain a youthful upward curve.

Why Use a Plastic Surgeon for Breast Revision?

When considering breast surgery, many surgeons perform the procedures, including general and cosmetic surgeons. However, to ensure a safe and successful surgery, you should seek a board-certified plastic surgeon. Achieving board certification requires rigorous education and training. To retain their certification, they must keep up with the most advanced techniques and technologies and adhere to medicine’s most stringent ethical standards.

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