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Financing Options/Policies

Financing Options

We are pleased to offer financing to qualified patients through CareCredit or PatientFi to help you achieve your goals. Many of our patients investigate financing options in advance of their consultation so they can pick their ideal surgery date after the consultation. After your initial consultation, we will provide you with a written quote for your procedure that is valid for 90 days. Patients may also make payments towards their balance up to three weeks prior to surgery date. This option is great for patients that are saving up for their surgery and want to make consistent payments towards the balance due. 


CareCredit is a revolving credit line for repeat procedures, without the need to re-apply. It only takes a few minutes to apply for and you may receive an online decision in seconds.

We participate in the following promotional options:

  • Standard Terms
  • 6 Month No Interest 
  • 36 Month Fixed


PatientFi is a fast and easy financing company that aims to help make procedures more affordable for patients. This allows patients to have access to the latest and greatest treatments today. 

We participate in the following promotional options:

  • 6 months
  • 36 months

Click here for the PatientFi Payment Calculator

Forms of Payment:

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Credit Cards: Visa, MC, AMEX, or Discover
  • PatientFi Financing
  • Care Credit Financing
  • Bank ACH 

Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery does not accept Personal Checks, Business Checks, or Money Wires.  We are a 100% cosmetic practice and do not accept insurance for any surgical or in office procedure.   

Payment Terms:

All payments for surgery or in office procedures must be paid in full three weeks before the date of surgery or procedure to avoid a penalty fee or cancellation. If a person other than the patient is paying for the surgery or procedure, that person will need to complete a card authorization form and a copy of the person’s ID.

10% surgical deposit is non-refundable after 24 hours
$200 fee will be charge if the patient changes their implant size choice after the pre-operative appointment 

Cancellation Policy:

The following additional fees apply if surgery is rescheduled or cancelled prior to scheduled surgery date:

  • 50% of costs are forfeited to practice if cancelled or rescheduled within 0 to 13 business days
  • $1000 fee if cancelled or rescheduled within 14 to 21 business days
  • $500 fee if cancelled or rescheduled within 22 to 30 business days

What’s Included in My Cost?

Each patient receives a detailed quote for their desired procedures during their consultation at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery. Our goal is to reduce surprises and ensure each patient knows what they will pay for their operation before they ever enter the operating room. The quote for your procedure will include all expected costs, including:

  • Pre-operative care
  • Surgeon’s fees (for either Dr. Ballard or Dr. Malhotra)
  • Operating room fees
  • Nursing care during surgery and recovery
  • Follow-up care
  • Surgical supplies
  • Anesthesia (board-certified anesthesiologist)
  • Implants and compression garments (as needed)
  • Around-the-clock access to our team with questions or concerns during recovery

The quote you receive will be valid for 90 days from receipt.  The Patient is responsible for the cost of prescription drugs, pathology, and lab fees if applicable.  Let us know if you have questions about what is included in the cost of your care at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery

Revision Policy:

Plastic surgery consists of both art and science, and the cosmetic outcome of one patient does not guarantee a similar outcome for another. Factors such as individual differences in healing and anatomical characteristics will render a post-operative result that is unique to each patient. Several factors may therefore affect the result of any surgical or non-surgical treatment. Complications and patient disappointment or dissatisfaction with results are a statistical reality in every surgeon’s practice. Although we strive to reduce the incidence of such issues in numerous ways, a small number of patients may experience a complication or a disappointing result. 

The reasons for suboptimal results may include the following: 

  • A person’s inherent poor healing ability, i.e. formation of keloid or unsatisfactory scars, not because of the surgical closure
  • Environment or lifestyle issues such as smoking, alcohol, drug use, or excessive sun exposure will negatively impact the result
  • Failure to comply with post-operative instructions including activity restrictions or usage of compression garments
  • Failure to return for post-operative appointments until told otherwise by surgeon
  • Failure to protect the surgical site
  • Poor skin tone or severe skin laxity which can lead to recurrent sagging or tissue stretch and thinning
  • Weight fluctuation or pregnancy after surgery
  • Gravitational effects that come with the natural aging process
  • Poor circulation which can lead to delayed healing, open wounds, or skin loss
  • Metabolism of underlying suture material with suture infections or suture spitting

Many times, patients’ concerns will resolve on their own during the healing process. For this reason, surgical revisions will generally not be considered prior to 6-9 months following surgery. Fees for minor scar revision procedures done in the office setting are typically minimal to cover supplies. If a patient needs to return to the operating room for a more significant revision, the surgeon’s fees will be waived if it is a legitimate and realistic concern. In any operative revisionary procedure, the patient will be financially responsible for all surgery center charges including operating room fees, anesthesia fees, implant or garment fees, and supply fees. 

This revision policy applies for revisions up to 15 months following the initial surgery. This policy is only applicable if all post-operative instructions were followed, a patient’s weight is stable, and all appointments were kept.  

How to Save Money on Plastic Surgery Without Compromising Quality

Many patients are tempted to price-compare plastic surgery quotes from one practice to another in search of the best deal. We discourage this practice and encourage patients to choose their plastic surgeons based on skill, experience, and quality of care, not price. Your health and appearance are invaluable.

There are ways to save on surgical costs while working with a highly respected plastic surgery practice. Combination treatments, like our mommy makeover, allow for several procedures to be performed with one trip to the operating room. Often combination approaches cost less than performing each procedure separately.

In the end, choosing a high-quality plastic surgery team often saves money compared with less expensive options. Complications can lead to expensive medical bills, time off work, and permanent damage to your body and appearance. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon and a respected plastic surgery practice significantly lowers the risks of plastic surgery and can result in a much better outcome.  Our surgeons specialize in the procedures they perform often resulting in quicker recovery and less time off from work.  In the end, a shorter recovery time will often save precious funds.

Cost Estimator

We understand that to be prepared for surgery or services, patients need to know the costs of their procedure of interest.  Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a life altering event. While the cost of surgery is an important factor to consider, it is also crucial to remember that you will live with outcome of the surgery for the rest of your life. Your highest priority should be on finding the best provider for your specific needs.  

Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery offers a service where patients can submit a photo and their areas of concern. These are then reviewed by one of our providers and surgeons so that we can give an often fairly accurate cost of your procedure.  Typically, 90% of patients can know the cost of their procedure before they even come in for their consultation.

After requesting to schedule a consultation, we will provide you with more details about our pricing for your procedure of interest.  Please keep in mind that all surgical consults are $150 and all office procedure consultations are $100.  The consultation fees are applied towards your procedure if you choose to move forward.


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