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Freezing The Fat Away with CoolSculpting

When it comes to weight loss goals, eliminating fat seems to be the most difficult challenge of all. Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise are the key ingredients to any healthy body, but what if fat does not respond to your new healthy routine? Fortunately, CoolSculpting is a safe and quick method to eliminate unwanted fat cells that rigorous health routines cannot accomplish for Ann Arbor men and women.

This procedure is among the highly effective non-surgical body contouring solutions which reduces fat from love handles and flanks from the midsection. CoolSculpting Jackson patients will be administered controlled delivery of cooling from a process known as Cryolipolysis to reduce fat cells without the use of anesthesia or pain medication. The natural process of eliminating fat from a freezing device will not only make the patient appear more toned and slimmer, but they will enjoy the benefits of this procedure without any downtime or recovery period.

Freezing fat is becoming increasingly popular for successful fat loss for problem areas, such as love handles, flanks and the midsection. Researchers reported that those who had regular exposure to mildly colder temperatures were able to reduce fat safely.

According to research published in the Cell Press publication Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, researchers found that by exposing the body to cooler temperatures people lost weight due to the increase of energy exerted by trying to restore body’s normal temperature. Researchers also went on to say that the warm and heating temperatures at home or workplace may be responsible for America’s struggle with obesity, since the body is not in regular activity to initiate weight loss.

The reality is that the body is made to withstand cold temperatures by shivering, which produces amounts of heat for the individual. Studies have shown that people exert up to five times more energy when shivering, compared to those who are at rest in normal temperatures. When the body shivers from cold temperatures, weight loss is initiated in a type of body fat called brown fat, which burns up calories. People in normal or warm climates are not able to trigger the brown fats, and thus do not assist in healthy weight loss.

Researchers agreed that controlled exposure to cold temperatures can properly eliminate brown fat for weight loss success. A previous study from Japan found that people decreased body fat after spending two hours a day for six weeks in a room of 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overweight patients found more success with “temperature training” added on to their routine. Bone-chilling temperatures are not what is suggested, but a mild 62 and 77 degrees can be adjusted to your thermostat indoors to enhance the effects of diet and exercise. Turning down the heat is not so bad after all, so add some shivering to your routine.

Counting on the cold to do our bodies right may be the missing ingredient to a pleasant body contour, so ask our Michigan CoolSculpting specialist if CoolSculpting is right for you. Even the best fitness and diet routines are not enough for a healthy patient to achieve a slimmer body contour, so adding CoolSculpting treatment to your weight loss plan will not only eliminate fat cells but it will leave you with a near-perfectly toned waistline just in time for swimsuit season.