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Comparison Table of FUE vs. Linear Method (FUT)

Hair loss may run in your family, but fortunately, there are ways of rebuilding your hairline.. Today’s advanced hair restoration techniques allow patients to restore their hairline and increase follicular density with minimal downtime. Break the pattern of male pattern baldness with FUT or FUE hair restoration at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Pramit Malhotra is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who offers hair transplantation to men and women in Michigan. He specializes in using the latest technique FUE for hair restoration — to achieve natural-looking results for men and women concerned with hair loss. Below, we have outlined some useful information that will help guide you towards the hair restoration method that best suits your needs.

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Is FUE or FUT Right for Me?

Each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages, but both techniques permanently transplant healthy hair to thinning areas for long-lasting results. The right method for you depends on the extent of your hair loss, your preferences, hair restoration cost, and your ultimate cosmetic goals.

What Is FUE Hair Restoration?

FUE, also called follicular unit extraction, is one of the best options for hair restoration available. It consistently produces natural-looking results and has one of the shortest recovery times in hair transplantation.

FUE extracts individual hair follicles and transplants them into areas of the scalp that require additional fullness. Since follicles are individually removed, there is no linear scar. The small incisions heal quickly, dramatically reducing downtime after hair restoration and allowing patients to return to work, exercise, and sports in adays.

What Is Smartgraft or Mamba?

Another option for FUE hair restoration is an automated type of FUE. We use Smartgraft or a Mamba device to minimize complications by ensuring that each graft is optimally harvested.

What Is the Linear “Strip” Method for Hair Restoration?

The linear method for hair restoration proposes another option for adding fullness to the hairline. This method is also called FUT, or follicular unit transplantation. Years ago, FUT was the primary method of hair restoration. Now, many patients prefer FUE for hair restoration.  At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, we only use the FUE technique.

In FUT, a long strip of hair-bearing tissue is removed from the back of the head. This tissue is divided into individual hair follicles or grafts. These grafts are used to restore the hairline and add fullness.

One significant advantage of FUT is the ability to obtain thousands of grafts quickly. This method is often used when patients have extensive hair loss. For those patients requiring more than 3,000 or 3,500 grafts in a single sitting the FUT procedure may be ideal.

A potential disadvantage of FUT is the linear scar that it creates. While this scar is easily hidden under the hair, it is visible when patients wear shorter hairstyles. Most FUT patients choose longer hairstyles on the sides and back of the head to hide any scarring that occurs.  

FUT also has more activity restrictions; patients must be careful of the large linear scar while it heals and avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. Additionally, the long incision can cause more discomfort for some patients.

Which Hair Restoration Treatment Is Right for Me?

Both FUT and FUE are effective options for reversing female and male pattern baldness and hair loss, and Dr. Malhotra is a skilled hair transplant surgeon who only utilizes FUE methods. FUE is generally the preferred method for hair transplantation unless there is a specific advantage offered by FUT. FUE hair restoration allows patients maximum flexibility in hairstyles and achieves some of the most natural-looking hair restoration results. It also provides the shortest and easiest hair restoration recovery times available.

FUE and FUE Comparison Table

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