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In Ann Arbor, Botox versus Dysport

We often see patients in our plastic surgery practice, who are seeking non surgical ways to look more refreshed. In Ann Arbor, Botox or Dysport are often suggested as treatment options. These are both medicines that are injected into muscles in the face causing them to relax. Since muscle contraction causes worry lines, we can relax worry lines through Botox or Dysport. The greater debate since 2009 has been which product is superior.

We have had considerable experience with both of these products. In fact, our practice was one of the early adopters of Dysport in our region once it became approved by the FDA. To understand the strengths of each of these products, one must understand their diffusion, or spreading, characteristics. Our >Botox patients, in Ann Arbor, find that it typically spreads about 1.2 cm from the injection site. Dysport is some studies has been shown to diffuse 2 cm. A broader spread of the product can either be an advantage or disadvantage. We have found certain areas on the face get better results with Dysport injections because of its increased propensity to spread; whereas Botox can be better for areas where a very precise injection of the the material is critical.

As always, seek a talented experienced injector that you feel confident in. It will take sometimes a few injections to develop a “road map” of your face so the results can be tailored for you.

Dr. M