Insurance coverage for rhinoplasty patients

A frequent question from our patients is whether insurance will cover nasal surgery, or a rhinoplasty.  Insurance companies often do cover nasal surgery, but only if it is related to problems breathing through nose, the result of an injury where you have been evaluated in the emergency room, or if you are having frequent nosebleeds.  The majority of insurance companies also require that patients have attempted to use medical therapy with nasal sprays etc. to try and improve their symptoms.

Insurance companies will not cover surgery whose sole purpose is to enhance your cosmetic appearance.  A separate charge for the surgical facility and anesthesia is mandatory for any cosmetic procedure performed.  Our Michigan rhinoplasty patients often have nasal obstruction issues, and cosmetic concerns.  For these, patients there can often be a significant savings when we perform an insurance and cosmetic procedure at the same time.

Dr. Malhotra
Malhotra Center for Plastic Surgery
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