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Kate Gosselin’s Celebrity Tummy Tuck

A lot of patients have asked me about Kate Gosselin’s surgery.  She admits to having a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, procedure where excess skin is removed from the abdomen area.  My patients who have followed her shows, and even those that have tried to resist but watched from the sidelines, have seen her transform her body.  I think she provides a great example for our tummy tuck patients demonstrating the transformation that a tummy tuck can achieve.

After childbirth, the stomach muscles are permanently separated from the midline.  This results in the characteristic bulge below the belly button that will not go away with any amount of exercise.  A portion of the procedure is to plicate, or tighten, these muscles back into position.  Kate’s skin was very loose, and once there is loose skin this has to be surgically excised.  Of course the trade-off is a tummy tuck scar.  Overall, she has a marvelous result and really demonstrates the ability for modern cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock to a pre-baby body.