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Labiaplasty Reviews

Patient Reviews for Dr. Tiffany Ballard


"100 Stars for Dr. Ballard!!!"

If I could give Dr. Ballard 100 stars, I would! She and her team are top notch. Her style is to be meticulous and detailed, from the consultation to the procedure and follow-up, so that makes you feel confident. She is an incredibly skilled surgeon and I am beyond pleased with the results. I had no problems in recovery but she was available 24/7 if I had needed to call. She is also a very friendly, down-to-earth person, so you feel comfortable asking anything.

In addition, the office could not be more helpful, friendly and efficient. They have measures in place to keep everything very clean and keep patients distanced. Any special requests or appointment changes you need, they not only accommodate, but seem happy to do so. Their processes are well thought out, from letting you pick up your prescriptions in advance, to sending you home with a recovery kit with everything you’ll need, so you can head right to bed. It just shows how the patient is first and foremost in their minds, and their attitude is truly one of caring about you and making the experience go as smoothly as possible for you.
In closing, let me just say — I am extremely glad I picked Dr. Ballard, and you absolutely should take the time to go meet with her!

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon: Tiffany Ballard, MD

"This is the Place to Go!! So Happy with my Results"

From the moment I had my first phone call with Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery I knew that it was the right place to go. I set up my consultation and when I arrived, I felt so welcomed and all my nerves went away. Dr. Ballard and all of the staff were wonderful, kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable especially Christina Shultes. I was skeptical because I was only 18 years old at the time but they answered every question I had and made me feel super comfortable the entire time. Dr. Ballard does exceptionally good work and I could not be happier with my results. I would 100/10 recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

"No Evidence of Work Being Done After Everything Healed Completely"

My experience with Dr. Ballard and her office staff was nothing but amazing from start to finish. I went in for a labiaplasty after debating whether I should have the procedure done for several years. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. It was a short procedure, done in office, with a short recovery time. I love my results. After 2 months, there is no evidence of work being done and everything has healed completely. All my questions and concerns were addressed in a caring and understanding manner. I feel so much more comfortable and confident. If this is something you are considering, I would highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Ballard and her team.

"The Entire Experience Was Confidential, Comfortable, & Professional."

Dr. Ballard and her team have quite literally changed my life for the better! I spent 15 years of my life wanting to have a Labiaplasty procedure done, years of uncomfortability and embarrassment simply because my body grew differently, so when it came time to take this journey in life, I was apprehensive about where to go and who to trust; this is, after all, a very intimate and personal affair that you shouldn’t trust JUST anyone with. Dr. Ballard and her team welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like part of a family instead of just another patient on the list.

I was walked step by step through the process, and after my first conversation with the team, I was 100% on board and felt confident that I had chosen the perfect surgeon for my needs. The entire experience was confidential, comfortable, and professional. Dr. Ballard is phenomenal at her craft, and I would recommend her and her team to every woman who is questioning whether to go through with this life changing procedure. I cannot thank Dr. Ballard and her team enough for the confidence and comfortability they have put back into my life.

You ladies are truly amazing.

"Extremely happy - Dr. Ballard and Staff Have Been Phenomenal."

I had contemplated labiaplasty for over a decade and consulted with a few cosmetic surgeons. I finally underwent labiaplasty with Dr. Ballard and her team.

From the beginning consultation through post-op appointments, Dr. Ballard and staff have been phenomenal. They made me feel comfortable (I was EXTREMELY nervous), answered all of my questions and were professional and friendly. I am so happy that I took the leap and utilized Dr.Ballard!

"5/5 Would Highly Recommend Tiffany Ballard, MD"

I conducted thorough research and met with other Plastic Surgeons prior to scheduling a Consultation at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, but within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Ballard I knew I found my Surgeon! Dr. Ballard spent more than enough time listening to me; fully understanding what I wanted as an end result. We decided to go with an approach based on best practices and other Patients’ past experiences. Overall bedside manner and Dr. Ballard’s meticulousness made me feel completely at ease both Pre/Post-Procedure.

"Even Better Than I Imagined, I Am Thankful For My Result!"

Dr. Ballard and her staff at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery went above and beyond with their customer service, professionalism, availability, and quality of care and I would confidently refer friends and family to her any day. I was especially nervous leading up to my procedure, never having undergone surgery before, but her team made it seamless from start to end. So very happy and so thankful for the excellent result!

"Great Results With a Confident Ending!"

Dr. Ballard and her team at Ann Arbor plastic surgery were amazing! Labiaplasty is a topic that can be uncomfortable to speak about. From the beginning to the end, they made me feel as comfortable as possible. I am beyond happy with the results. The surgery and healing process was much easier than I expected. I feel more confident and am fortunate to have found such a great office to get this procedure done at. If labiaplasty is something you’re considering, Dr. Ballard is the one to see!

"Now 2 weeks post-op-VERY happy with results!"

Dr. Ballard along with the entire team at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery was 110% from the very beginning to the final follow up appt. They were kind, informative, compassionate and of course knowledgeable with regards to my procedure. Any questions I had or concerns were immediately addresses. I had done my research for a few years on this procedure and once I found Dr. Ballard I knew she was the one to go to. Of course there were concerns regarding pain and recovery time, etc. The procedure overall was so simple, no discomfort at all during procedure, and some mild discomfort the day of. I took my last pain med that same evening at 9 pm and never needed to take anymore. I followed all post proc. care instructions exactly as detailed and that was very important for optimal recovery. I had no issues, no complications and am now 2 weeks post proc. and am VERY happy with results. If this is something you are thinking of doing, I cannot recommend Dr. Ballard and her entire team enough!

"My Experience Was Life Changing. I Am So Grateful."

Dr. Tiffany Ballard is exceptional in what she does. I had undergone horrific labiaplasty surgeries with 2 other doctors so I became terrified that I’d never find the right surgeon at the young age of 22. This woman and her staff including Shelley were a breath a fresh air for me as they treated me like family. I had finally found the perfect place for me, Ann Arbor plastic surgery. 

They go out of their way to make you as comfortable as possible, they answered every question I had with complete honesty so they are not promising you something they cannot do. I will be returning to Ann Arbor plastic surgery for more services from Dr Ballard and I hope you get to experience their true talent, expertise, and utter kindness.

"The Best!"

Dr. Ballard is amazing. The whole process was extremely quick, easy, and private. She did an amazing job and was very thorough with everything that was going to happen/ what to expect. I’d go back to her in a heartbeat.

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