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Michigan breast enlargement patients seek a natural look

Almost 75% of our breast augmentation patients in Ann Arbor and Jackson are concerned about being too large from their breast implants. They are concerned about looking unprofessional or having shelf like torpedo breasts. Everyone has encountered patients with breast implants who look just too big.

When we talk with our breast augmentation patients in Michigan, we tell the patients that the hardest decision they have to make is choosing a size. We use a sizing process where patients’ choose the overall look they like, the size they want by trying on actual breast implants, and how high up they like their breast implants. Some patients want a very bold big look with the implants high on their chest so they have robust cleaveage. Other patients want smaller implants in a lower, more natural position. In the patients we see for breast augmentation revision or replacement surgery, I am always surprised to find that the previous practice or surgeon picked their size for them. I think this is a big area of dissatisfaction for patients. Our patients often come back to the practice a second time with a significant other or boyfriend for a second sizing session. In addition, we keep smaller and larger silicone sizes on hand at the time of surgery for last minute changes as well. Visit our Ann Arbor plastic surgery website for additional insider tips to getting a great breast enlargement result in Michigan.

Dr. Malhotra

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