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Mini Tummy Tuck Case 2



This patient is a health care provider at one of the local hospitals. Privacy was very important to her, and her preference was to have her operation out of town because she is well known in the health care community. She met with our Board Certified Michigan Plastic Surgeon at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery to discuss her concerns. She was interested in a mommy makeover procedure including silicone breast augmentation and a mini tummy tuck. She was primarily bothered by the loose skin below her umbilicus and wanted a very low incision that could be hidden by a typical bikini. Her breasts had fallen moderately, but she wanted to minimize scarring and avoid breast lift incisions.

She underwent a dual plane breast augmentation to lift her breasts internally, as well as a mini tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck offered this patient a shorter incision and speedier recovery. Mini tummy tucks are ideal for patients with mild skin laxity, especially of their lower abdomen. She recovered quickly, and her time off from work was minimal. She gets compliments all the time on her new mommy makeover body.