Rhinoplasty Case 22



This 45 year-old patient from Ann Arbor had always been bothered by the size of her nose. She is a mother and a professional with a very busy life. She was finally at a stage when she could consider seeking information about a rhinoplasty in Michigan. She sought Dr. Pramit Malhotra’s expertise because of his dual board certification in ear, nose, and throat surgery and plastic surgery. Her main concern with her nose was the large hump. In her consultation, Dr. Malhotra identified how she was an ideal candidate for this procedure because her nose was a dominant feature on her face. He performed a rhinoplasty to address her nasal hump as her primary concern. She had thin skin so Dr. Malhotra was careful to not let any of the telltale signs of a rhinoplasty show through her skin. The patient was ecstatic with her results.