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Put Down the Bleach, Rejuvenate Winter Skin with Ultherapy

A study from Stanford University School of Medicine recently made the discovery that diluted bleach mixture has the ability to reverse inflammation and aging skin. The researchers bathed mice in a 0.0005 percent mixture of bleach and after two weeks they appeared younger and reversed skin damage. However, don’t try this at home. Human studies have not been completed.

Excessive sun exposure, radiation therapy and extreme conditions are all damaging our complexion, but does household bleach really hold the keys to youthful skin? The keys to youthful skin are exercise, water intake, and sun protection. Retinoic acid products are also a mainstream treatment in plastic surgery offices as well.


We are constantly in search of beauty products and treatment that make our skin look and feel younger, fortunately modern technology offers a natural solution for aging skin. Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that corrects frown lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven complexions for men and women.

Similar to the effects of a facelift, the Ulthera applicator sends ultrasound energy waves to the face to penetrate the skin’s surface without harm to stimulate collagen growth. The skin’s reaction to treatment contracts and lifts facial skin.

It is not surgery, it is sound. Nearly 75 percent of people bothered by aging skin have considered cosmetic procedures for skin rejuvenation. Thankfully, those who are skeptical of going under the knife can resort to the non-invasive treatment of Ultherapy, approved by the FDA to safely lift facial skin.

We understand your need for skin correction after all the damage suffered. Now is the time to consider treating sagging jowls and uneven skin tones. Do not resort to using household bleach or other cleaning products, they could result in chemical burns and ulcerations with consistent use. Schedule a consultation and learn what Ultherapy can do for your aging skin.