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Rhinoplasty recovery time in Michigan

Patients who are thinking about rhinoplasty surgery have often considered surgery for several years. Among their chief concerns are achieving a result that looks natural and rhinoplasty recovery time. At Malhotra Center for Plastic Surgery, we employ the newest techniques to make recovery as quick as possible. The majority of patients take 7-9 days off from work or school. After this time period, their nose still has some swelling but will already look better than before surgery.

Many plastic surgeons use packing or splints inside the nose after surgery. This is often a concern of patients when they hear stories of feet of packing coming out of a small elegant new nose. Nasal packing has become infrequent with surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty. However, nasal plastic (or silicone) splints are commonly used. These are often used to prevent blood collecting in the septum. We try to avoid placing splints in the nose in about 1/2 or more of patients. Alternatively, we use a new device called the septal stapler by ENTrigue Surgical. This novel device absorbs in the nose, and allows us to leave the breathing passages free after surgery.

Dr. Malhotra is a double board certified plastic surgeon and ear, nose, and throat doctor. He specializes in rhinoplasty surgery, septal surgery, and revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Malhotra’s staff and main website can provide you with rhinoplasty before and after pictures. For rhinoplasty cost, a consultation is required but staff can give rough ballpark figures over the telephone.