Sizing for Breast Augmentation in Michigan

Mentor Corp. has recently released a new sizing system for patients seeking breast augmentation in Michigan. Previous techniques for choosing breast implant size have included filling zip-top plastic bags with rice, stuffing implants into your existing bra, and picking your size from 2-dimensional photos on the Internet. In our practice, we do not feel that any of these methods alone will give our patients an accurate view of what they will look like after surgery.

Mentor, one of the major manufacturers of breast implants, has released its Volume Sizing System. This system offers patients the ability to make more accurate predictions about what they will look like after breast augmentation surgery in Michigan. We prefer this sizing technique to the 3-dimensional computer imaging systems.

  • The Mentor system includes sizers that are shaped to fit over the natural contours of your breast. This allows you to see more realistically how your breast contours will change.
  • The Mentor system has 18 sizers that range in volume from 150cc to 650cc, in addition to fillers to represent small increments in between sizes. Using a combination of sizers and fillers, patients can simulate 24 different breast implant volumes, ranging from 150cc to 775 cc. Previously it wasn’t possible to offer patients this many choices to visualize their results.

This is an exciting change and one we feel is superior to computer imaging. The issue with computer 3-dimensional imaging is that in most of them, you cannot see yourself in your clothes, with your hips, in a full body view. Our eyes can detect subtle changes, curves and light contours that 3-dimensional modeling does not allow.

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