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The breast implant pocket is key for patients seeking breast augmentation in Michigan

The key to breast augmentation surgery is creating a great pocket for the implant. This means that the implant that is selected must fit the dimensions of the patients breast. For our patients who consult with us for breast augmentation in Michigan, we take measurements of the their chest wall and then have them try on various implants to design a customized fit for their body. Some surgeons call this bio-dimensional analysis.

During surgery, the native supportive structures of the breast like the inframmary fold and the lateral breast pocket must be modified very carefully. In fact, we prefer to maintain these structures as much as possible and let the implant gradually settle into position against these structures over time. This decreases the chance of breast implant issues like bottoming out where the implant falls too low. Of course, this can happen with any patient but is less likely if the support mechanisms and anatomy of the breast fold are left intact or just very slightly modified.

We are strong believers in bloodless dissection and quick recovery techniques as described by Dr. John Tebbetts. We use a specialized cautery tool to aid in this dissection. Our michigan breast augmentation patients, often note that they seem to recover very quickly perhaps because of this careful surgical technique. Breast enhancements are sometimes viewed by surgeons as repetitive and a simple procedure. We believe the procedure can be very simple but once the breast implant pocket is altered in a way that does not enhance the look of the breast, it is very difficult to correct.

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