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The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The cosmetic benefits of tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery are well-known. As a procedure that removes loose skin and unwanted fat from both the upper and lower belly, it creates sleek, lean contours that can last a lifetime. Although a tummy tuck is often part of a mommy makeover or some other cosmetic procedure, did you know that a tummy tuck can offer significant medical benefits, in addition to cosmetic ones?

If you are considering a tummy tuck in Ann Arbor, Michigan, discovering the many medical benefits will help you better understand how the procedure can improve your appearance and well-being. At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, our surgeons Dr. Pramit Malhotra and Dr. Tiffany Ballard will help you appreciate how a tummy tuck can improve not only your body’s contours but also your health.

Tummy Tuck Basics

What is a tummy tuck, and what will your recovery be like following this surgery? If you’re thinking about this popular cosmetic procedure, you’ll likely have questions. Here is a short summary describing abdominoplasty to help you become more familiar with the procedure.

  • A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure that shapes and tightens the abdominal area.
  • The procedure is popular with both men and women.
  • A tummy tuck addresses common abdominal issues, including loose skin, stretched out, separated or damaged abdominal muscles, excess fat, and more.
  • Abdominoplasty is often included as part of a mommy makeover or as post-bariatric surgery.
  • Full recovery after a tummy tuck takes up to six weeks. Most patients miss 1-2 weeks of work.

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What Are the Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck?

The abdominal region is the “core” of your physique. The musculature of the core serves many critical roles in the general functioning of your body. These include holding our abdominal organs in place, supporting the muscles around the spine, and assisting in our breathing.

Although a tummy tuck is often included as part of a mommy makeover or other cosmetic procedure, it is also beneficial for patients who have undergone significant weight loss. The resulting sagginess of skin and tissue is not only physically unappealing but can also lead to numerous medical issues. By tightening the abdominal musculature, a tummy tuck can help to reverse some of these medical problems.

  • Improved abdominal tone. After weight loss or multiple pregnancies, the abdominal muscles may become saggy and stretched out. Regular diet and exercise may do little to help. Weakened muscles are tightened during a tummy tuck, and excess fat is removed, resulting in a tight, flat abdomen.
  • Less back pain. Back pain is often caused by abdominal and pelvic weakness. These areas can be repaired during a tummy tuck, offering patients long-term relief and a dramatically improved quality of life.
  • Improved posture. Bad posture can be a sign of a weak core. Tightening the core muscles through an abdominoplasty provides support for the spine resulting in an improvement in posture. Patients who experienced back pain before surgery may experience relief after a tummy tuck.
  • Easier exercise. Even when you’re working hard on tightening your core, you may be discouraged by persistent flabby skin. After a tummy tuck, with your body looking better, you’ll be more motivated by your new look and may even find exercise more satisfying. Another benefit is that some exercises will also become easier due to the core strengthening provided by this procedure.
  • Repaired abdominal muscle separation. Diastasis recti could cause a post-baby pooch due to abdominal muscle separation as the uterus expands during pregnancy. When these two paired vertical muscles stretch or separate, they can cause the belly to stick out. A tummy tuck can tighten up these muscles if the separation doesn’t resolve on its own.
  • Ventral hernia correction. When abdominal tissue breaks through a weak abdominal wall, the intestines or abdominal tissue may push through. C-sections, appendectomies, and massive weight loss increase the risk for this condition. Surgery for a ventral hernia correction can be performed through an abdominoplasty, where the weakened muscles are corrected by relieving pressure on the skin.
  • Reduction in urinary incontinence. After childbirth, it is possible to develop what is known as stress urinary incontinence, where patients experience urine leakage when they sneeze, cough, exercise, or laugh. The problem can be reduced with a tummy tuck where soft tissue in the pelvic area creates a slight bladder obstruction that lessens incontinence.

A tummy tuck brings cosmetic and medical benefits. It is not a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise, but it can help you achieve the figure you desire.

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