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Three Natural Solutions That Will Not Grow Longer Eyelashes

We know you have seen them before, 10 ways to achieve this and four ways to do that. Well what they do not tell you is how much success there is behind their “wholesome” list. Naturally we will tell you the things that you can do to help improve your beauty, but when it comes to growing fuller and longer eyelashes; there really is no comparison to LATISSE. This eyelash enhancement is a non-surgical method that dramatically extends the length of a woman’s eyelashes. In addition, LATISSE eyelashes are much more durable than store-bought extensions. Today we will share with you the three things that will not help you grow longer eyelashes.

We know you cannot resist indulging in the latest beauty trends to bring out your best, but here are some of the most ineffective ways to grow your eyelashes.


Most people turn to this product as a natural remedy for everything. It may help soothe chapped lips and provide relief to minor burns, but to increase the length of your eyelashes you may not see the difference in length and it could take you a long time to completely remove the substance.


We have all heard this method before, but the more you brush, the more often you will unintentionally remove your lashes. This forces you to visit your beauty supply store to replace the fallen eyelashes with artificial extensions which will only last so long before they too fall off.


Any time you leave eye makeup on overnight you inadvertently make your eyelashes weaker and brittle. Applying mascara and makeup may be nice to look at for a little while, but the longer you leave these products on, the more likely you are to cause damage. Use a good quality makeup removal to remove all eye makeup properly.


If you are fed up with applying fake eyelashes and spending hundreds on beauty products to enhance your beautiful eyes, then now is the time to turn to LATISSE. Women with short, brittle or scarce eyelashes make up the majority of patients who turn to this treatment. Many patients report they have seen natural improvements in their eyelashes in as little as 8 weeks.

LATISSE is also meant for those who struggle with hypotrichosis, in which the eyelid does not grow any hair whatsoever. Even those who have suffered permanent eyelash loss due to chemotherapy can look to this treatment to regain full-length eyelashes. LATISSE is the only FDA-approved treatment for naturally wholesome eyelashes.

If you are looking for the best way to grow beautiful eyelashes, call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Malhorta and learn what LATISSE can do for you.