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What Should You Avoid Before and After Getting Restylane®?

Dermal fillers are a popular aesthetic treatment to help diminish the early signs of aging. However, just like any cosmetic procedure, preparing for your Restylane® procedure means learning what to avoid before and afterward.

At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, our renowned plastic surgeons are here to ensure you feel comfortable and educated about your Restylane® journey. Here is some information to prepare you for getting this injectable product.

To Avoid Before Restylane®

Here are some suggestions for what to avoid before your appointment with a highly qualified and experienced Restylane® injector.

  • For at least two days, avoid waxing, tweezing, bleaching, or using other hair removal products.
  • Discontinue the use of blood-thinning medications and supplements for one week, including NSAID drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin. These increase your chances of bruising and bleeding.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or caffeine for about 24 hours beforehand. Alcohol can thin blood, and both can promote dehydration.
  • Reduce sodium intake to avoid swelling.
  • Avoid scheduling your treatment within two to three weeks of any big event to allow plenty of healing time.

To Avoid After Restylane®

Following your Restylane® procedure, follow all care instructions from your provider to ensure your optimal results. Here are some suggestions of what to avoid.

  • Do not touch, rub, or massage your face for six to 12 hours, and sleep on your back with your head elevated to avoid undue pressure.
  • Avoid making puckering or sucking motions, including kissing and smoking, with your mouth for the rest of the day, as this can displace fillers.
  • Give your makeup routine a break for at least 24 hours to allow your skin time to heal and keep the injection sites clean of bacteria.
  • After your Restylane® procedure, avoid skin care products that contain exfoliants, retinoids, and vitamin C for 24 to 48 hours, as these may cause skin irritation.
  • Schedule other appointments, like facials, waxing, chemical peels, laser treatments, IPL photofacials, or microneedling, at least two weeks after your Restylane® procedure.
  • Wait at least 24 to 48 hours for exercise or other strenuous activities that can cause sweating. Sweat can irritate your skin, and heat can cause inflammation.
  • For at least 24 to 48 hours, avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds. UV rays can damage your skin, and they can also cause fillers to break down quicker and become less effective. Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Avoid heat exposure from hot showers, saunas, or hot tubs for at least 24 hours. Intense heat can cause fillers to break down quickly.
  • Don’t consume alcohol for 24 hours. Alcohol can slow down the body’s healing process and can also cause your face to flush.

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