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Why People Decide To Have A Rhinoplasty

A person’s nose should not be the first facial feature that your attention is drawn to. It should be proportionate to the other facial features to create overall facial symettry and harmony. Some patients are happy with the appearance of their nose, but they are struggling to breathe with ease because of a deviated septum or injury. In either case, both would benefit from rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, also referred to as nose surgery, can not only improve breathing, but also make them feel more confident in their physical appearance. Dr. Malhotra has changed the lives of many individuals by sculpting their nose to their desires. He not only has an artistic eye for creating beauty, but he also has extensive training in the field and has authored many articles on rhinoplasty in medical journals.

The majority of patients that seek to have a rhinoplasty procedure are looking to enhance the aesthetics of their nose, however, they often have breathing concerns as well. A nose that overpowers other facial features can mask a persons aesthetic strengths such as a beautiful eyes or lips. Dr. Malhotra can reshape his patient’s nose to look natural while drawing attention to a persons strengths. Depending on patients goals, this nose reshaping can include modifying the tip, bridge, nostrils or a combination to achieve the best results.

Patients that seek a rhinoplasty procedure to correct breathing related issues can also achieve a gratifying result. Patients that have diffuculty breathing often have issues with poor tasting food, poor sleep, and exercise intolerance. In some cases, insurance may cover portions of your procedure if your nose has a structural abnormality that is affecting air movement and inspiration. Patients may seek rhinoplasty because of a history of nasal trauma, facial trauma, nosebleeds, and poor sleep.

After having rhinoplasty, patients often note improved self confidence and breathing. A rhinoplasty can be performed on individuals from 1 year after they have had completed their “growth spurt” in the age range from 15 to 17 years old to their 50’s.

If you think that a rhinoplasty is the right procedure for you, request your consultation online and take the next step!