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What Does Mommy Makeover Recovery Look Like?

There’s no doubt that pregnancy is an amazing experience. However, following pregnancy, many women experience bodily changes like stretch marks, loose skin, sagging breasts, stretched out abdominal muscles, stubborn pockets of unwanted fat, and changes to the labia. Even after returning to their pre-baby weight through diet and exercise, most women notice these changes aren’t… Read More »

May Is for Moms: Get a Mommy Makeover

Children fill your heart and wreak havoc your body. There’s no denying the effects of pregnancy on the body. Pregnancy will cause breasts to droop, tummies to sag, and skin to stretch. Many of our post-pregnancy patients tell us they adore their children but feel dread every time they look in the mirror. It can… Read More »

Advantages of Getting Plastic Surgery in the Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just for cupboards. At Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery, we love helping our patients enjoy the season of rejuvenation with plastic surgery treatments for their face and body. During the spring, the world awakens. Blossoms appear on once dormant plants and the whole world is filled with possibility. You deserve this seasonal rejuvenation,… Read More »

What Does a Mommy Makeover Entail?

After having a baby, more sleep isn’t the only thing a mom desires. Many women are disappointed by the appearance of their post-baby bodies and long for a flatter tummy, perkier breasts, and fewer rolls and bulges. We can’t help you with the sleep deprivation, but if you want to restore your body’s appearance after… Read More »

Center for breast augmentation in Michigan

We are seeing an increasing number of patients who are requesting breast enlargement surgery.  Interestingly, the most common time of the year for this surgery is January through June.  Often patients have been thinking of having breast implants for several years, and find the time is right before the busy summer months. We have developed… Read More »

The breast implant pocket is key for patients seeking breast augmentation in Michigan

The key to breast augmentation surgery is creating a great pocket for the implant. This means that the implant that is selected must fit the dimensions of the patients breast. For our patients who consult with us for breast augmentation in Michigan, we take measurements of the their chest wall and then have them try on… Read More »